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It could need freon. and you can do it most auto part stores carry it so does Walmart

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Q: If the heater in a 1992 Cadillac works but the air conditioner does not blow cold air could it need freon?
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How many pounds of air conditioning freon does a 1990 Cadillac Deville hold?

A 1990 Cadillac Deville air conditioner should hold 46 oz. R12 Freon. This should be verified through the owners vehicle manual.

Why is your car's air conditioner blowing hot air if it already has freon?

Compressor not running?Heater control in heat position?

How do you add freon to a 2002 Cadillac deville?

How do I put freon in a 2002 Cadillac deville

Toyota Echo air conditioner?

A Toyota Echo air conditioner is designed to cool the vehicle. If the air conditioner stops working, it could be low on freon or the motor could have seized.

Where do you add freon to your air conditioner in your Ford Ranger?

Answering "Where do you add freon to your air conditioner in your ford ranger?"

Why is Air conditioner running but not cooling?

There are quite a few reasons why an air conditioner could be running but not cooling. One should first check the Freon lines and ensure that there is an adequate amount of Freon available.

How do you fix an air conditioner from freezing up?

It could be low or freon, or maybe dirt coils.

Does window air conditioner have freon?

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Why would the Heater AC control switch stop working?

Could be low on freon,

Air conditioner blowing hot air have already added freon what could be the problem?

bad condenser

Do you add coolant or freon to make a cars air conditioner work?

you use freon to cool your car and make the air conditioner work

What would be the cause of a chemical smell in my central air conditioner unit?

if its ac it could be freon if its heat could be carbon monoxide.

How long does freon last in a central air conditioner unit?

The refrigerant (freon) in any air conditioner should last the life of the unit. If not, you have a leak.

How to DRAW DOWN Freon in an Air Conditioner Compressor?

If you are talking about removing the freon in the a/c system then you will need a freon reclaimer.............

What gas is used in refrigerator and air conditioner?

Common name is Freon.Common name is Freon.

Air conditioner is only blowing cool air but refrigerant is full of freon. Heater not blowing hot air either?

Check the temperature control cable

What kind of freon for 1997 cadillac?


What does the compressor in an air conditioner do?

It compresses the freon gas.

What cause ac not to blow cold if the ac is full of freon on the low side?

could have too much freon in it -air could be going thru heater coil- no air flow thru condensor

When replacing heater core in 1995 f 350 does freon have to be removed?

No there is no freon in the heater core just antifreeze. The heater core is nothing more than a tiny radiator.

Why is the air conditioner in a car blowing out hot air?

it simply means you have to add freon to ur air can buy freon at any auto parts store.

How many pound of freon are in a 1993 Ford Taurus air-conditioner?

Your 1993 Ford Taurus air conditioning system has a Freon capacity of 5.5 pounds. You should never overfill the air conditioning Freon.

Cadillac air conditioning schematic?

How much freon does a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado hold?

Can an 18000 BTU air conditioner have Freon added?

Yes, call a certified technician to do the replacement of the freon.

Does your air conditioner still use freon?

Air conditioners manufactured between 1970 and 2010 use Freon as a coolant. Freon is scheduled to be phased out of usage by 2020. Newer air conditioner models use a different type of coolant.