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Your insurance actually requires that the insured make all reasonable and necessary repairs to prevent further damage to the property. The company should consider the value of what you have done and, if you have documented your efforts with receipts for items purchased and amount of time spent doing temporary repairs, they would be able to consider this as part of the claim.

Best of luck to you...we were flooded by the remnants of Tropical Storm Gaston last August, have flood insurance, and still went throuugh the ringer trying to get compensated...I don't know about your homeowners, but our flood insurance had TWO deductibles, one for contents, one for building..each deductible was $500. Also, we were totally honest, had replacement cost, but, at least w flood insurance, then still take off depreciation. Also, any work you do yourself, they only pay you minimum wage to do the work--you might as well hire a professtional. This happened to me in Virginia and my step dad in Illinois.

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Q: If the homeowner performs some of the necessary repairs caused by hurricane damage what is the best way to document these expenses?
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