If the present day clash between Arabs and Jews is a religious conflict why and how does it carry over to affect America?

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Thinking of it as a religious conflict only confuses things. Israel is an attempt by the Jews as a people to have their own country in their historic homeland. They did not do this by stealing the land, but by buying it and developing it. Most of the people who did this were not religious. Because most of the land had been owned by (Ottoman) absentee landlords, (Arab) tenant farmers did get displaced when the Jews began farming it. But the fundamental issue is that Arabs did not want to share the land with a non-Arab country. Although Arabs have been successful in portraying it as a religious battle, and in getting the support of most Muslim countries, it's really a conflict between Arabs and Jews, not Muslims and Jews. Probably the results would have been about the same if instead of Jews it had been (Muslim) Turks or Persians.

America is on the receiving end of this due to its need for oil and regional security. Israel has promoted American values and engaged in high-level diplomatic, military, technological, and economic exchanges with the United States. As a result, the United States has become a primary ally of Israel's and vice versa. Since the conflict is a national or ethnic one and not actually a religious one, it makes sense that America's grounds for supporting Israel are strategic, not religious.
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How is the present day clash between Arabs and Jews a religious conflict?

Answer 1 Palestinian Jews had been living in what is now Israel for 3000 years - continuously. Whereas the Palestinian Arabs were largely Arabs from surrounding nations who were drawn to the area *after* the Jews irrigated the land and started transforming swamp and desert into a viable place to l ( Full Answer )

What was the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs?

A: Many prefer to see this conflict in terms of religion, since a religious imprimatur absolves an aggressor of any moral responsibility. However, it is really about land. Whether or not the Jews of the early twentieth century felt a longing to live in what was then called Palestine, and whether o ( Full Answer )

What was the conflict between Hitler and the Jews?

Hitler believed that the Jews were the reason that World War 1ended in a stalemate (neither could win). He heard this while hewas in one of the hospitals because he had been injured whilefighting. From this point on, he wanted revenge on the Jews.

Has the relationship between the Arabs and Jews improved over time?

The relationship between Arabs and Jews was initially quite good. Arab Moslems made a place for Jews to leave in peace as second-class citizens in their Empires for most of the Pre-Modern Era. This was much better than the treatment that they got in most other places like those in Christendom. Andal ( Full Answer )

Are Jews and Arabs in conflict?

Israelis and Arabs are in conflict and have been for a while. Many people use the words Jews and Israelis interchangeably since Israel is 80% Jewish, but less than 50% of all Jews live in Israel and nearly 10% of the Israeli Army is non-Jewish. The Jews outside of Israel are not in conflict with Ara ( Full Answer )

Why has Jerusalem been the center of conflict between the Arabs and the Jews?

Palestinians and Israelis both want Jerusalem and the only way to solve this is either divide the city East/West respectively and divide the Old City or Internationalize the City or some combination of Internationalization and division. Neither side will rest until it can assure its followers that i ( Full Answer )

Why is there conflict between Jews and Christians?

Today there doesn't see to be any major conflicts between the two.As the United States is the world's largest Christian country, itis the strongest ally of the Jewish state of Israel and one of itsclosest peaceful friends.

How did zionism set the stage for present day conflicts between Israelis and the palestinians?

Zionism is one of many contributing factors that led to theIsraeli-Palestinian Conflict. The reason for this is that Zionismis the nationalistic philosophy that led to Israel's creation.Without Zionism, there would be no Israel and therefore theconflict would not have existed. However, without Arab ( Full Answer )

How were the Crusades between the Christians and Muslims different from the current conflict between the Jews and Arabs?

Answer 1 The crusades were theft of land for religious reasons. The Zionist Organization began its campaign after being promised a sovereign nation by the Arab Club then not receiving their payment. Answer 2 There are a number of major differences between the Crusades and the Establishment of ( Full Answer )

What is important about the conflict between the Jews and Arabs?

The answer to this question may be one of two things depending on the interpretation of the question. 1) What makes the conflict relevant to people? or What is the historical significance of the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs? -- This answer is different to different people. In very wide ( Full Answer )

How long have the Arabs and Jews been in conflict?

Answer 1 Fighting between Arabs and Jews is mainly about territory. Until 1948 the holy land, Palestine, was a British mandated territory. In 1939, Britain was moving towards a position of granting independence and a white Paper recommended that an Arab state of Palestine be created. The British ( Full Answer )

Is the conflict in the Middle East between the Arabs and the Jews?

Partially True. There is certainly a conflict in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews, but there are also conflicts in the Middle East between Sunni and Shiite Arabs, Arabs and Kurds, Arabs and Persians, Muslims and Christians, and conflicts between Tribalists, Nationalists, Arab Socialists, an ( Full Answer )

What were the geographic reasons for the conflict between the Arabs and Jews?

Answer 1 To have Jews in Arab lands is not an issue. The issue is that since the set up of Israel, the Israelis insist to displace the Muslim and Christian Arabs who are living in the area. Why they all don't live together in peace in a country that is multi-religious and bilingual? I don't know. ( Full Answer )

Was there a conflict between Arabs and Jews?

Only for the past 2,000 years. And yes it continues today. There have been several wars between Arab Nations and Israel. There are also Anti-Semitic Campaigns in Arab Countries and Anti-Arab Campaigns in Israel.

What is the difference between Arabs and Jews?

Arabs are people of the Middle East that are united by a common language: Arabic, and a common history: the Islamic Caliphates. Arabs are not necessarily of the same ethnic stock and in many cases are of mixed heritage due to intermarriage between the Arabs coming up from the Arabian Peninsula and i ( Full Answer )

Why is there a conflict between Jews and Muslims?

There is a conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. It is a land conflict, not a religious one. However, because of this conflict, there may be a tension between the two religious groups, but this tension is not necessarily true among all. There are many Jews and Muslims working together, not ( Full Answer )

What caused the Jews to have religious conflict?

Jews have not been engaged in religious conflict since the Bar Kochba Revolts. Jews have been involved in numerous non-religious conflicts in predominantly Jewish Units in both World Wars and in Israel, but these conflicts were based on strategic and political goals. (To have a religious conflict re ( Full Answer )

What was the first conflict between the Arabs and the Jews?

There were minor skirmishes as far back as the 1920's, but the main conflict begain in the "Israeli war of Independence" of 1948 Prior to that in times Arabs and Jews actually got along fairly well. In Medievel Times, Jews were treated better under Islamic rule than they were under Christian r ( Full Answer )

What was the conflict between the Romans and the Jews?

For some 4-5 centuries, the Romans exercised an increasingly tight grip on the Holy Land, with crushing taxation and, occasionally, harsh anti-Torah decrees. During that time, there were some instances of Jewish revolt; most famously that of the Zealots (about 1946 years ago) and that of Bar Kokhba ( Full Answer )

How did the British respond to the conflict between Arabs and Jews?

A: At the beginning of the twentieth century, the total Jewish population of Palestine was estimated at around 20,000 persons, but this quickly increased with legal and illegal immigration. British policy on the territory was informed by the Balfour Declaration of 1917, whereby Palestine would be r ( Full Answer )

Is there a conflict between Jews and Christians?

Not currently. While there are some disagreements between the Jewish and Christian communities, by and large, since World War II, Christians have been in common cause with Jews. However, prior to this, the greatest source of Anti-Semitism was Christendom.

Is the Arab-Israeli conflict a clash of civilizations?

It depends on who you ask. According to Sam Huntington, who proposed the idea of "Clash of Civilizations", the answer would be "Yes". Israel is one in a series of conflicts near the edges of Islamic control, an area he calls "Islam's bloody borders". Huntington considers Israel a culturally Weste ( Full Answer )

How has the Arab-Israeli Conflict affected the world?

The Arab-Israeli conflict could affect the whole world as it could ignite a nuclear war that could possibly be considered World War III. Israel and Iran are on the brink of nuclear war. Many other Arab countries are disliking towards Israel as Israel occupies Palestine, which is considered holy land ( Full Answer )

Why are there conflicts between Arabs and Jews today?

The conflict between the Arabs and the Jews goes all the way back to biblical times. According to the bible, Koran, and the Torah, God promised Abraham and his wife Sarah that they would have a son. After their efforts proved fruitless Sarah instructed her husband to sleep with their Egyptian slave ( Full Answer )

How did the conflict originally begin between Jews and Arabs?

It was due to Sarah. God said to Abraham "Look now towards heaven and count the stars, if you are to number them, so shall your descendants be." Only God took his time and Sarah (Abraham's wife) took Hagar her maid (an Egyptian) to her husband in order to obtain children by her. Hagar had a son name ( Full Answer )

Which river causes conflicts among Jews and Arabs?

There is no river per se that causes Israeli-Palestinian or Israel-Arab conflict. Fresh water in general is hard to find in the Middle East and the allocation of that water is hotly contested. There have Israeli-Syrian conflicts over the Sea of Galilee (Yam Kinerret or Bahria Tabiria), which is a fr ( Full Answer )

How does the Arab spring affect America?

It forces Americans to reevaluate their relationship with theMiddle East in the same way it forced them to reevaluate theirrelationship with Latin America. There will be states formerlyunder American puppet dictators that will begin to align themselvesdifferently and there are other states which wil ( Full Answer )

Why is the Arab-Israeli Conflict over territory?

The majority of conflicts the world-over are over territory. It makes sense that the Arab-Israeli conflict is over territory as well. It would be surprising if it were not. To read about other causes of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, see the Related Question below.

What are the Conflicts between Religious and Secular Jews in Israel?

While violent altercations between Religious an Secular Jews are rare, they do occur. Additionally, there have been political squabbles between these two groups since the formation of the State of Israel. Some of these issues include: Draft and Regard for the Israeli Military: Many Secular Jews ( Full Answer )

What are the causes of Conflicts between Religious and Secular Jews in Israel?

While violent altercations between Religious and Secular Jews arerare, they do occur. Additionally, there have been politicalsquabbles between these two groups since the formation of the Stateof Israel. Some of these issues include: Draft and Regard for the Israeli Military: Many Secular Jewsare ( Full Answer )

Who is the present day leader of the Jews?

Jewish leaders tended to be warriors and prophets in ancient Israel. Then, when the Jewish People were in exile and without a homeland, scholars, teachers, and rabbis became leaders . In the twentieth century, the Jewish People survived Hitler's plans of annihilation and gained their own natio ( Full Answer )