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Replacements for S-10 3rd door handle

New 3rd door handles are available at the dealership, but you have to buy the complete unit, including handle, pin and housing. They cost about $60.00 in some places. They are easy to replace in about 15 minutes and the 3rd door does not have to be in the open position. The handle WILL break again, especially in colder climates or as the plastic becomes brittle. I have seen aluminum handles available on EBay and they seem to be doing well. I have also found one at I do not know if I can post that website, but hopefully someone will advise me if I broke the rules. Hope this helps.

I also had problems with rear door latch,after warranty replaced it twice.They are around 60.00 at dealership.Did'nt see paying that much for a part that is going to last maybe 20 opening.Autozone and advance auto has the same part as dealership for 8.00 but i do mean the same part,they are only temporary also.But I found a site on internet that has a replacement part made out of bullit alumium for about 20.00 been on truck for about two years now.You just have to take the assembly loose and knock pin out of handle.Its what should have been on truck to start with.Also have broken shafts on seat recliners,just found a aftermarket part for them at

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Q: If the secondary latch has broken and you cannot open the extra rear door on a 2002 Chevy S-10 2x4 with an ext cab how can you fix it?
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