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The Quad 4 has alot of head gasket problems. Have the system pressure tested, and or have a block test done to check for exhaust gasses in the cooling system..If the vehicle has overheated recently more likely than not it has a warped head..

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Q: If there is overheating and increased coolant replacement on 1997 Grand Prix how can you tell if it is the head gasket or the head itself?
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Can a head gasket leak without overheating or coolant loss?

It is possible that the gasket could leak between cylinders. The overheating and coolant loss would happen if the gasket was failing around the coolant passages.

Losing coolant its in the oil no overheating no leak?

have the head gasket replaced

Can bad head lead to overheating?

A bad head gasket certainly can, as coolant will continually leak out, eventually causing overheating, yes.

Why is your car coolant bubbling?

1) Your engine is overheating and the coolant is boiling. Or 2) Exhaust is leaking into the coolant, probably through a bad head gasket or cracked head.

Why is my Coolant backing up and boiling in the resovire car overheating?

could be cylinder head gasket gone

If a car has oil in water and water in oil but is not overheating or loosing water out of coolant system is this still the head gasket?

It could still be the head gasket.

Why Chrysler new yorker overheating and losing coolant but can't see where coolant goes?

You likely have a leaky head gasket, and the coolant is being lost in your engine. Check your tail pipe for coolant.

How does engine coolant get into the combustion chamber?

A bad head gasket , a warped head usually from overheating , would allow engine coolant into an engine cylinder

Why does an automobile shut off after overheating?

one of the reasons why an automobile shutts off after overheating is that the head gasket may blown, hence letting the coolant in the chambers.

Why would white smoke come out from under the hood when it is cold outside and the car isn't overheating?

It may not be overheating, but you could still have a coolant leak into the combustion chamber, from either a head gasket or intake manifold gasket.

Why would you lose coolant in the reserve bottle of a 1995 Civic even when radiator hose pipes are in perfect state?

Most commonly this is due to overheating or a blown head gasket. Overheating causes the coolant to expand, and rush into the resevoir, then overflow it. When cool, the coolant that remains will be sucked back into the engine. A blown head gasket can cause the coolant to enter the firing chambers of the engine then be blown out the tailpipe, or the compression can leak into the coolant area and push the coolant out, or allow the coolant to get into the oil pan.

What would cause Buick Rendezvous overheating?

It could be multiple problems. check your coolant level, it could also be your Lower intake gasket or even a head gasket.

What causes loss of coolant and overheating in a 2000 Chevy impala?

Can be leaking intake manifold gaskets, which can sometimes be fixed by using Dexcool coolant. Can also be a head gasket.

What to do if car is overheating in the winter?

First you have to determine the cause. Could be a faulty thermostat, frozen coolant (insufficient mixture of antifreeze), low on coolant or possibly a bad head gasket.

Why does your 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass keep overheating?

Possibilities are low coolant, defective radiator, leaky hoses, blown head gasket...

What causes a head gasket to be blown?

Overheating of the engine, usually, which may be caused by lack of coolant flow due to a bad thermostat or bad water pump, or the wrong coolant type.

What makes the coolant pressure rise in a 2004 FSI Golf?

Can't think of much else than overheating or a blown head gasket.

What causes the hot coolant temp light to come on the 2002 Pontiac Montana?

You are OVERHEATING. You most likely have an intake or Head gasket problem.

What is wrong when the oil smells burnt in 1998 dodge neon?

Check for coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant. Dodge Neons are notorious for head gasket leaks and warped heads due to overheating.

Why your 2000 jeep still overheating after changing radiator water pump fan clutch thermostat added50 50 coolant replaced spark plugs an coil bar still overheating?

possiable head gasket

1997 Monte Carlo overheating only leaking coolant through reserve Replaced thermostat radiator water pump and intake gasket Hopefully not too costly Just replaced tranny before overheating started?

can the gasket go bad behind the water pump houseing

Why does your 92 Saturn sl2 keep overheating and spewing antifreeze?

Overheating can be a number of things. Bad water pump, coolant low, fan inop, bad thermostat, leaking coolant, cooling system clogged, or a blown heads gasket. Check for coolant around the water pump signaling a bad water pump. if the temperature rises and no fan comes on, that's your problem. blown head gasket- look for coolant in the oil or oil in the coolant. it will look like a milkshake. uncap the radiator while its COLD. start the car, look to see if it bubbles. all suggest a blown head gasket.

Can a faulty head gasket cause oil drops on garage floor?

It is possible but highly unlikely. If it were leaking oil from a blown head gasket you would have lots of other symptoms such as overheating, coolant mixed with the oil, white smoke from the exhaust, and loss of coolant with no apparent leak.

Reasons for water coming out of the exhaust manifold of a vauxhall astra?

check your coolant levels & if car overheating, might well be the cylinder head gasket is away.

Why does the coolant keeping overflowing into the reservoir causing my 1997 honda civic to run hot?

Bad gasket or overheating of the engine. Check cylinder compression and seals.