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Yes it will most definatly go against your credit report. A credit check is only to provide a lender with a picture of your credit history. it has nothing to do with wether or not you have good credit or bad credit in its self. wether or not you pay your bills on time and how much you owe is what determines your credit rating. if you do not pay your bills your credit rating will suffer and fewer institutions will lend to you. when they view your credit report they will see you as a bad risk.

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Q: If there was no credit check when you purchased a used car will it go on your credit record if it is repossessed?
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What do companies generally check for in a background check?

they check for credit history criminal medical record

What is derogatory public record?

This is a negative criminal or credit record that is available to be pulled by the public, such as a credit report or background check. It usually involves crimes or bad credit.

Can a third party creditor check your credit after ten years?

== == They can check your public credit record every day if they pay the fee for doing so. It is a Public record after all. Nothing you can do about it.

What does a job background check include?

The primary check is for a criminal record. Some will do a check for prior employment and do a credit check.

Can a collection agency find out if you have a checking account if you dont tell them?

A collection agency (or pretty much anybody now a days) can check your credit records with all three bureaus. They will see your bank records on the credit record. You can check your own credit record to see if the bank record is there.

What does it mean when a background check is pending?

Means they still have to check your credit, criminal record, dmv, etc. etc.

Do you need credit to take over a persons mortgage?

Yes. You would need to be approved by the bank and it would check your credit record.

Will bankruptcy show up on a criminal record check?

Bankruptcy will not show up on a criminal record check. A more detailed background check could include credit reports which would show the bankruptcy.

What do they do with repossessed cars ?

They check them out and resell them after that for a cheap price.

What is BI under driving record?

BI under driving record is a background investigation. This is done to check driving record, credit standing, and any arrests or encounters with police.

What is the difference between a criminal check and a credit check?

A criminal check is looking for any felonies on your record and is checked using police records. A credit check is done through specialised agencies set up to keep accounts of your credit. In summary, one is checking you out as a person and the other is checking how you manage your finances.

Can non-payment of payday loan be placed on my background check?

Yes, it is a part of a background check. Employers look at the credit record as well as the criminal issues.

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