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If they finally picked up your car how long do they have to sell it and is there a chance they will sell it for more than you owed?


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2015-07-16 19:26:28
2015-07-16 19:26:28

"Ok, they finally came and picked up my Yukon. What happens now? It goes to auction. Most likely a WHOLESALE auction for DEALERS.

How long do they have to sell it? Depends on your STATE laws.

Is there a chance they will sell it for more than what I owed? VERY SLIM. Did you make a LARGE down Payment?? Did you make MANY valuable improvements to it(paint job,wheels,ect)? Did you take good care of it or never drive it?If they 'finally" cme got it, why didnt you try to sell it?? YOU would have gotten a much better price than the auction.


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