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If two years after a car was bought the buyer still has not received the title and they have no way to contact the seller how do they get a title?


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2015-07-15 19:02:22
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Send all of the vehicle details to the Licensing Authority along with your details and tell them to register the vehicle to you. If there are any problems with the vehicle registration they will let you know.

Wow, you paid for a car and never got a title?! You NEVER pay for a car without receiving the title and further, you should do a title check BEFORE a purchase to make sure there's no liens on it! How did you register the car without a title? Did you register the car? How do you know the person who sold you the car was actually the owner? It could have been stolen, in which case the authorities will take the car if you ever do an inquiry. Now if you mean that the state never mailed you the title to the car after you applied then you just contact your DMV but I doubt that's what you mean...


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