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It may be possible to petition the court of venue for emancipation rights. However, being pregnant or having a child does not automatically confer emancipation status upon a minor.

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Q: If you are 16 and have a baby can you get emancipated if your boyfriend wants to support you?
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Could your boyfriend get welfare for his baby?

No. The mother gets the support for the baby not the boyfriend.

How do you know if your boyfriend wants to have a baby?

you ask him.

Is it bad to live at your mother's house after you have had a baby with your boyfriend?

If your boyfriend was willing to support you and your child, you would be living there. To continue to have sex with him is not a good idea since he he has shown that he only wants the sex and not you.

Are you emancipated if you have a baby at 16?

Uh, probably not, but I'm sure that having a baby would apply as a perfect reason to get emancipated, in addition to being able to support yourself and all that.

Can a 16 year old who is pregnant and wants to move in with her boyfriend to help raise the baby legally move out without parental permission in the state of NH?

No, not unless she gets married (which requires parental permission) or is emancipated.

Do you have to continue paying child support if she's 17 and had a baby?

Yes, you have to pay until she is emancipated.

What if my boyfriend wants a baby and I don't?

Too late... He lied about the condom...

In Kentucky Does the parent have to continue to pay child support if the child has a baby?

Yes, you have to pay until they are emancipated.

Do you still pay child support even if the child her self have a baby?

Until she is 18 and emancipated, yes.

Does child support end if the child becomes pregnant at 16 in the state of Missouri?

No, having a baby does not mean she can support herself. You are obligated to support her, not her kids, until she is emancipated.

Can a 15 year old get emancipated just because she is pregnant?

No. A 15 year old is still a minor, but now one with a child. Becoming pregnant does not make a minor emancipated. To become emancipated a minor child needs to go before a judge to have him/her determine if she can support herself and the baby. The judge will want to know the means of support and other living conditions. Being emancipated means that a person can support themselves, have a job, pay the rent, pay for babysitting, and do all things needed to live. I doubt that a judge will allow a 15 year old minor to become emancipated with a baby without the needed support.

Can you move in with your boyfriend at 15 and be pregnant with his baby but your mom wants you to get in abortion?

To have the baby or not is all your decision but you can not move anywhere without parental permission at 15. You get emancipated regarding your child but not regarding anything else. If you feel threatened by her you have to contact the CPS or tell your boyfriends mother to do so.

I'm 18 and want to get pregnant with my 22 year old boyfriend?

If you are 18 and want to have a baby with your 22 year old boyfriend, you are of legal age. Make sure that the boyfriend also wants a baby and that you can afford to care for the baby.

Your xgirlfriend had a baby and her boyfriend signed birthcertificate now she wants you to pay child support?

She committed paternity fraud. Be glad she didn't wait 18 years. see links

How can you tell if your boyfriend wants to have a baby?

When he is horny and giving other dudes blowjobs!

Your boyfriend wants a nickname and you cant think of any for him He calls you his baby girl what should you call him?

Your Baby Boy!

Is a pregnant teen emancipated once they have their baby?

No, not in any state are you emancipated due to pregnancy or having a baby.

If you have a baby in Utah are you automatically emancipated?

No, having a baby in Utah does not mean that you are automatically emancipated. Having a baby just means that you are now a parent.

Are you emancipated in Washington state after having a baby?

No, just having a baby doesn't make you emancipated in any state.

How do you know when your boyfriend wants a baby with you?

Just ask him you can only get a yes or a no is it not worth the risk?

How can you tell if your boyfriend wants to have a baby with you?

If he doesn't want to wear a condom during sex.

How can a 16 year old with a newborn baby get emancipated to take care of her daughter and herself?

Any 16 year old with or without a child needs to go before a judge to become emancipated. The fact there is a baby makes it very important that there is an income and means to take care of the baby and provide for it. This is what a judge will ask about and determine if there is income and support for a 16 year old mother to be emancipated.

How do you become emancipated minor in Florida?

You petition the court and prove to a judge that you can support yourself. He will want to know your monthly income, rent, payments, job, and other info about how you expect to live. Having a baby does not make you emancipated. It just makes you a teen with a baby.

Are you an emancipated minor after you have a baby in mi?

Having a baby does not make one 18 years old. You have to be an adult to be emancipated.

Does having a baby make you legally emancipated in the state of California?

No, not in any US state does having a baby make you emancipated.