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First off did you even ask your mom if she wanted you to go and live with your dad? Separation between parents is very difficult and complicated and the most confused is the children in the family. You can't just go back and forth like a ping pong ball. You need to sit down with your mother and discuss things regarding your dad. There is much more to the story. It is apparent that your dad was out of your life for sometime and just popped into your life 4 months ago. The question you need to ask both your mother and father is "Why were you out of my life for so long?" You have a right to know that. Often the parent that is left raising the children (be in mom or dad) is "the bad guy." In order for the single parent and child(ren) to survive the parent has to put some hard and fast rules of the house down. That often means the kids have to pitch in with chores. There are times kids feel they are mistreated in this manner and can't understand why there are such strict rules. So, when good old dad (or mom if that was the case) decides to come back into the picture the child(ren) don't like where they are because of the rules of the house and feel that things will be better if they live at the other parent's home. Well, you are wrong! People who love you put down rules for a reason and some of those reasons are to keep you safe, to show you responsibility and to stand on your own two feet. Parents who are never home and give you every little thing your heart desires, but their time does not mean love. Love is giving of one's time and efforts. It the quality of time you spend with each other and not the quantity. It would be best to discuss all of this with both your parents and it's time your real dad told you the truth as to why he was out of your life for so long. Always remember that humans do make mistakes throughout their lifetime and if they are smart they will learn from those mistakes and try to rectify them as best they can. This could be a reason why your dad is back in your life. Realize that your father may not be able to take you in, but it doesn't mean he doesn't love you and don't be so hard on mom. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If you are 17 and live with your mom and her boyfriend and you just met your real dad 4 months ago what legal actions can your mom take if you want to go live with him?
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