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== == * Come down off your pedestal! Many people are fat because their metabolism is slower and some people can look bloated and fat because of medications. Some women in menopause can become, let's say "chubby." It's fairly normal to feel you're on top of the world because you worked hard to lose this weight and you're proud of yourself and well you should be. You obviously were repulsed with yourself and hated being fat and I admire you for doing something about it, but now you are transferring that onto others and it's wrong. I have fat friends (heaviest friend that is female is 260 lbs., and the heaviest male is 345 lbs) and I love 'em just the way they are. If they are comfortable in their own skin then it doesn't bother me. When and if they want to lose weight they may ask for my help and until then I won't interfere. It's what is inside of oneself that counts. Our bodies are just the gift wrapping and it's the gift inside that counts! Scientists are beginning to understand what makes some people fat, and believe it or not it isn't because many obese people are eating themselves sick. There are other factors and I suggest you go on the internet and find out more about these scientific studies. I think you are feeling great (well you should be), but you have to cop a better attitude about others that are fat. You know how it hurts when fat people are ignored or laughed at so do something for these people! Write a book to let them know how you did it, form a club to help them, do something! I use to suffer from panic attacks and Agoraphobia and I got over it with a lot of hard work, religious faith and help from many of my friends and one good doctor. Instead of flying high I went to work and formed a group at my home once a week for others with this debilitating problem and help where I can. I suggest you do the same thing! Remember, fat people feel pain and they are often laughed at, talked about or left out of society because of it and it's wrong! Sit up and fly right!

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What is a good sentence for repulsive?

Some people find spiders and snakes to be repulsive.

Are warts attractive?

no, they make people disgusted GET RID OF EM!

What do Revolutionaries think of other people?

they were disgusted by them, hatred was bestowed upon them.

Why do people stare?

People stare, because they are either admiring or disgusted. Take for instance, when you see a hobo, you will stare.

Why be a vegeterian?

People who are born vegeterian mostly stay vegeterian.But people who turn vegeterian are sick and disgusted of meat.

Is minor self cannibalism common?

No, the idea of eating human flesh is repulsive to most people.

Why do people make funny faces when they are disgusted?

Any other facial expression would say differently

What is an example of a quasi-experimental design?

people living in disgusted areas having poor health.

How does tobacco make other people fill when smoke?

Most non-smokers feel disgusted, and sorry for you.

What was reaction of US military toward holocaust?

Disgusted, obviously! This is their opposition that is doing these horrid things to their people!

What does Nazi Scum mean?

Nazi's were responsible for the mass killing of many Jewish people. People are so disgusted by these people for this act that they call them "Nazi Scum. "

Why cieanliness is important?

so you don't get bugs and stuff and will people come over they arent disgusted and there isn't a smell

Why was Leonardo da vinci arrested?

The people were disgusted with his human autopsies and went to the pope. The pope saw this as heresy.

What does two seals fighting over a grape mean?

It means when two people are smooching and another person is disgusted.

Why did the Nazis murder poles?

They thought of polish people as üntermenschen : people who do not deserve to live. They were disgusted by slavic people and so they exterminated them so that the white aryan race can surive

Is it normal to still be upset after a 3-month breakup and what should you do?

most people after a breakup are still hanging on to their former partners as in their every thought .alot of people are not ready to move on depending mostly on their case they find someone new they always end up comparing their qualities with their former.

What is a sentence using the word deviant?

the artist based his reputation on creating deviant works of art that disgusted most of the people

Are pickles gross?

no pickles are delicious it all depends on the flavoring of course some people find them repulsive i find them delightful...

Should gay people be able to walk the streets like normal people?

Gay people already are normal people. But all people (normal and not-so-normal) have the right to personal safety in public.

What action gave former enslaved people the right to vote?

The 15th amendment gave former enslaved people the right to vote

What can cause vomiting with no other symptoms?

Sometimes, people vomit because of something very repulsive they observe using their 5 senses.

Is Princeton from mindless behavior cute?

It is a matter of personal opinion. Some people find him cute, others find him repulsive and annoying.

It is normal if people unfrend people on facebook?

Yes, it is very normal for people to unfriend people on Facebook.

What were some struggles Louis Armstrong had in his life?

He was growing up in a bad neighborhood while people were very disgusted in the blacks that were in New Orleans.

Why do you grow a fondness for people when they stare at you?

This is because the person staring is either admiring or is disgusted. If they were admiring, a person tends to feel better about themselves and will be around those who are kind and willing to say you are a very nice, pretty, or smart person. I wouldn't know why someone who was disgusted would grow on you, though.

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