If you are a really busy person what is the best way to keep friends when you have to keep turning them down when they ask you out?


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I think you have more than a problem of being busy. I know kids that study hard in college, hold down 2 jobs and still have some time for their friends. If you don't start MAKING the time you are not going to hold any friends. They'll just quietly move on. You need to get your priorities straight and change your living habits. Everyone deserves to have a little fun. Marcy


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If you change as a person or if your personality changes and they still accept you as a friend or if they will always be your friend no matter what, then you know that they are the best choice for friends.

It depends. Some girls have best friends, but keep certain things to themselves. Other girls have best friends that know every single detail about them. It really varies from person to person. You can't count on much

if you really loved this person as your best friend, then talk it over with them, and figure otu why you seperated. if they really love you as their best friend, then they will accept you and love you for who you really are. that what best friends are truly all about.

The qualities of a person. eg my best friends qualities are shes really funny.

If you really, really like them. If you see something and you have to tell that person about it. If they are the one you turn to with problems and they help you out. They say that if you can count your best friends on one hand that you are very lucky. This means that the people you love the most are the ones who are your best friends .

well if your a good person and really care about your mom then don't be friends but if you are not good and wanna be friends with that person really bad then do it behind your moms back make the right move good luck :))

Its really unknown - she might have tons of best friends.

I think they really are best friends. That's what I think

I believe that they met on the show and are portraying to be best friends. It is highly unlikely that they really were bets friends outside of the business world and just happened to get a role in a show that they both wanted to do as "best friends".

They are opposite ends of extremes. Being "best" friends with only one person gambles everything on that person, and makes it very easy for them to socially and emotionally destroy you. However, if you are "best friends" with too many people, you can't really give all of them the amount of attention that a true best friend requires, and they won't stick by you as their best friend in the end. Ultimately, it's best to have around 3 best friends.

Yeah they say they are best friends

talk to them if that doesn't work then their not really friends are they?

I'm not sure if they are "best friends", but they are really good friends. They have been friends for a long time.

If this person really is your best friend, then maybe it will be ok for you to just ask. It may be awkward, but you will both survive it and be better friends.

you tell him and ask if your really best friends, because best friends should never ignore you

The first thing i would do is bring it up in a conversation with my best friend and guage his/her reaction. if they dont seem to mind then i would go for the person you want to be with. If they do seem to mind and dont want to be with that person, then you decide what you want more. The person you are interested in (your friends ex) or your best friend. Honestly though you're best friend will come to accept it if they see you really fancy them. They might be uncomfortable at first, but best friends will always understand.

Infinite, a person can have any number.

Yes they are really close friends!!

Because Best friends are meant to be for life and some people have best friends for 20-30 years from when they meet at school or anywhere really ,but friends are really important because they are there for you and you should return the favour.

i dont know if they're best friends but they're very very good friends :)

Answer Try being their best friend, even if that person already has best friends, no one can have too many, that way you get to know them and they get to know you.

Because that is how it is. Friends fight friends hate but friends are friends. And there is one point in life that your friends are annoying but they're really there for you......

you dont even have to be friends with the person to be in a relationship with them :) hope this helps :)

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