If you are an illegal alien and your fiance was convicted of a felony when he was minor can you get married in order for you to become a US citizen?

First, seek an immigration attorney. Most of the ethnic attorneys practice immigration law.

If you entered without inspection (illegal border crossing), you are out of luck. You need what's called INA 245(i). Last president who allowed 245(i) was Clinton. Before he left office, 245(i) were activated. So that EWIs(Entry without inspection) could get greencard if they get a job that sponsors them or get married to a citizen. But not now. 245(i) is not active now.

Currently President Bush said that no one who entered illegally will get a greencard. So, if you entered illegally without CIS inspection, you have to wait until Bush leaves the office and then hopefully, Congress will revive 245(i). Republican party has not been very friendly to foreigners. Yes, President allowed seasonal workers but that's very limited, and they don't get greencards. So you have to wait.

But.... If you came to US with a proper visa and entered after proper inspection, (that is if CIS officer stapled a piece of white paper called I-94 in your passport), then you have entered properly. If you entered properly, and over-stayed, you are illegally staying. If you are "illegal alien" in that sense, no problem. You can get married now to a citizen and get a greencard. After three years of having greencard, you can apply for a citizenship too.

I should think whether or not citizen is an ex-felon would not matter. Citizenship and Immigraion Service(CIS) requires only a proof of citizenship. Such include a US passport, a birth certificate in US, or a naturalization certificate. Fingerprinting or criminal records are not required for the citizen. But those things are required for the alien. But my knowledge about an ex-felon's rights as a citizen is limited, you should ask an immigration attorney or call CIS customer service. 1 800 375-5283

Call a few times, the customer service is known to give different answers.