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Yes. As you said, you only have one month to go before your move in. Hand in your notice ASAP. The worst that can happen is usually the landlord (at least in Canada) requires first and last months rent so you may lose it. You've waited this long to get into your home, so a month isn't so bad. Get that notice in! You shouldn't have to wait long as there are not enough rentals to go around in most cities and it should be natched up very quickly. Second Answer: What does your lease say? My apartment lease says I will give notice at least 60 days before the one year lease ends if I do not intend to renew it. In other words, if I gave notice 30 days before the lease ends, I would be required to lease the apartment for another month (at the one-month-at-a-time rate. (Or, in another interpretation, I might be compelled to sign for another year lease if they don't get 60 day notice.) Either way, you can bet I'll be ready with my answer 61 days in advance. But it comes back to: What are the termination clauses in your lease?


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