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Possibly, but they will go after the other party first if they were driving & as long as insured you have nothing to worry about.

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2010-05-13 22:13:10
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Q: If you are co-owner on a car title can you be held responsible in case of an accident?
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What can happen in case of an accident if a car was insured without title?

title has no effect. insurance takes precedent.

Who is responsible for the tax liens after action to quiet title in Pennsylvania?

You need to address your question to the attorneys who represented the parties in the case. They would know the details of the case, the nature of the liens and who would be responsible for payment.

What happens if you are sued from the person who hit you in a car accident. The person you hit was ticketed for the accident at the time.?

If a person who sues you was the person responsible for the accident, they have little chance of winning the claim. But they have succeeded in scaring you, reducing the chance that you will sue them. It looks like you must counter-claim, and say that you are waiting for the outcome of the court-case on the ticket for the accident. If they are found guilty of causing the accident, no court will hold you responsible for their damages.

Accident attorneys should only get paid if you win your case.?

Accident attorneys should only get paid if you win your case.

Is the homeowner liable for an independent contractor's injury if the accident was the sole fault of the contractor?

No. In an injury case, the plaintiff must show how the defendant was responsible for the injuries. Since, in this case, you say the injury was the contractor's fault, you would have no liability.

Is your employer responsible for your accident if you were hit while transporting a car for them?

No. You may have a civil case if you take them to court but it is not automatically covered just because you were doing something on behalf of your employer.

Is Upper case and lower case style the same as title case?

No. Title Case is when the first letter in every word of a sentence is capitalised: This Sentence Is Written In Title Case As All Words Have Their First Letter As A Capital.

Can parents be responsible in case of accident for dsiabled adult child with own car and insurance?

Sometimes, but the an adult child has their own life now, right? The parents aren't really responsible. They probaly did there best to grow their disabled child as best they could.

What benefits are available in an accident and sickness insurance policy?

An accident and sickness insurance policy offers benefits in case of accident and sickness. That means that one is entitled to reimbursements for hospital costs and other medical costs in case of accident and sickness.

What if a unsured licensed driver is driving an insured car and causes an accident?

Very simple, the insurance policy follows the vehicle not the driver. In this case, the vehicle insurer will be responsible for all damages.

What is the purpose of the accident plan?

It could be an insurance policy taken out with an insurance company in case of an accident.

What is pai on rental Car?

Personal Accident Insurance to cover the people in the car in case of accident.

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