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If you are going to replace the front and rear pads and rotors on a 2002 VW Passat 1.4l turbo is there anything special you need to know?


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On a 1998 Passat, if you push the piston on the rear caliper in without turning it the caliper is destroyed. You need to buy a special tool to turn the caliper as it is being pushed in. There are some persons on EBAY selling universal brake caliper piston pushing tools on EBAY.

If you just push it in, it will not automatically readjust the brakes. You will have very hot rear rotors from the constant rubbing.

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Remove the rear wheels, then the calipers and simply pull the rotors off. If the parking brakd is on the caliper you need a special tool ot retract the caliper.

Here is a video on changing rear brakes (rotors/pads) on a VW Passat. This video applies to the 1998-2005 VW Passat and 1996-2001 Audi A4. Paste this URL into your browser or click on the link in "Sources and related Links" below...

pull off the front wheels. remove the calipers. remove the two screws that hold on the rotors. replace the rotors and reverse the procedure.

depends on the condition od the pads. If worn or have groves etc from the rotors then replace.

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If you are wondering whether it is possible to replace one's own brake rotors or not because you drive an older vehicle that need brake rotors replaced, then the answer is no.

You replace rotors when they get too thin, or are warped. They may be to thin to be turned and still alright to use. Rotors do not "have to" be turned to put new pads on.

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If you manged to replace the rotors w/o unhooking the calipers - no.

If the rotors are in good condition, not warped, not scratched, then you can replace the pads without turning the rotors. Inspect the rotors carefully.

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The front rotors on Citroen rely are always replaced in pairs.

I just paid $500.00 to replace all brake pads and the front rotors

To replace rotors and pads including labor cost you are looking at 600 bucks. axl

possibly warped rotors.Feels for grooves on the rotors(when rotors are cool,your rotors should be smooth ) if you feel them you need to replace them,and dont forget to replace your pads too.Worn pads grind your rotors and ruin them.

Replace the pads, and the rotors. You need to change the brake pads and the rotors.

Remove brake caliper and caliper frame. Rotors are now free.

Brake rotor/rotors are out of round / warped. Check rotors and REPLACE as needed.

The most common cause of this problem is warped brake rotors. Get it replaced soon. Whenever you replace rotors, you should replace the pads. The old pads will have conformed to the shape of the rotors, so braking efficiency and life will be down if you use them with the new rotors.

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