If you are not Muslim and do not plan to convert but the man you want to marry is would your children have to be Muslim?

yes the would cause the Muslim way is if you marry a Muslim man and your not you have 2 convert but sence your not your children need to be

but if you are a Jew or christian then you need not be converted to Islam because christians and Jews are called 'people of the book'. as Islam, Christianity and judaism all originated from Abraham.

and yeah, ur children have got to be Muslim once born.

Ur kids must be Muslim and woman cant marry non-Muslim cause father religion is counted

You cannot marry a Muslim unless you revert to Islam. If you do get married it is not accepted in Islam and you will be living in sin. Muslim man can marry people of the book, that is Jews and Christian, but they have to believe in Prophet Mohammed as the Last Prophet of God and also that Jesus is not God or Son of God.