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I think that you need to wait for the child to be born, in order to establish paternity, have a name & social security # for the paperwork.

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Can you deny the father the right to see the baby after he or she is born at least until you leave the hospital?

Yes, assuming that the couple are not married. An unmarried mother has sole custodial rights until the biological father establishes paternity and is awarded custodial and/or visitation rights by the court.

What are the fathers rights for abortions?

None. Legally he is not a father with right to the baby until the baby have left the woman's body and if they are not married he have to prove paternoty before he gets paternal rights.

What rights does a married man who had an affair with a married women have to the baby they had together?

If you will be able to privide for the baby and you have a job and your wife doesn't, you.

Would the parents of a minor who has a baby have the custodial rights to that baby?


If pregnant can you get married without parent consent?

Being pregnant does not give you any more rights then before except for things regarding the baby so no.

Does father have parental rights before the baby is born?

No, he does not have parental rights until the child is born. If the parents are unmarried he must establish his paternity legally through the courts. If the parents are married the father has equal parental rights after the child is born.

If you get married before you have the baby who has legal rights to the baby my husband or the father?

Depends on your state. In MI, the legal father of the child is the mother's husband. If your child's father is not going to be your husband, do the right thing and let him be involved.

Did Mary ever get married?

yes Mary did get married to Joseph before she had her baby Jesus

Can noncustodial parents prevent custodial parents from leaving the state with baby?

A noncustodial parent can prevent the custodial parent from leaving the state with a baby or child. The court will decide if the custodial parent has just cause to leave the state.

In Pennsylvania if you get married before you have the baby who has legal rights to the baby my husband or the father?

the father but that's only if the real dad lets the step dad take custody of the kid. if you dont know who that babii daddy is then your tuff luck

Was Sacajawea and Toussaint married before or after the expedition?

Before. She had his baby boy. Clark named him Pompeii.

You are a single mother about to have a baby in April How old does your baby have to be before the father can take her?

US specific: Fathers have the same rights to children as mothers after the child's birth. For the child's health and safety, the father can "take" the child from the date of it's birth, provided the child does not require special attention the father is not familiar with. As the single, custodial parent of a baby girl in 1986, fathers are as capable of providing for children as are mothers. That baby girl is now the single, custodial parent of her own beautiful baby girl. Other nations may have laws about custody and visitation different from US law and practice.

What if you have a baby before gettein married?

You should probably try to find a good relationship to where the baby will have a father.

How many years were grace and rainier married before they had a baby?


Was Anne pregnant with shakespeares baby before they got married?

Yes. Susanna was born 6 months after they were married.

What rights do parents have over a sixteen year old pregnant teen in the state of WV?

You have the rights to decide for her as before but you have no rights to decide over the baby. Whether to have the baby or not is up to her and whether to adopt it away or not is up to her and the father. Also, she is making the medical decisions for her and the baby.

When a baby is born in the state of Texas do both parents have the same rights even if their not married?

No see link below

If your not married but are expecting a baby. And the mother of the baby refuses to give the baby the fathers last name but the father is resposible and has been every step of the way what do you do?

If you are not married to the mother of the child and she wants the child to have her last name, then there is nothing you can do. In a court of law they always go with the mother unless there is any evidence as to why they shouldn't. If you want the baby to have your last name you should marry the mother. By law the mother is the custodial parent. If you don't want to get married just because there is a baby now then you should've thought about that before you wanted to play. You may find compromise in letting the baby have two last names or a conjoined one, with or without a middle name. well ask the baby what it thinks!

Your brother is married he wants to know what rights that he has to the baby when she is born in 1 month the mother doesn't take care of her other 4 kids?

I think that he has many rights to that baby because if she doesn't care about her other kids what makes it so sure that she will care about that baby

How do you sign your rights over to the father of your unborn baby?

In all 50 states, you have to wait for the child to be born before you can forfeit your rights to a child.

Can you get married in Florida as a minor without a consent from a parent if you have had an abortion or miscarriage?

No. Pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage or having the baby will not give you any more rights then you had before the pregnancy apart from the right what to do regarding your pregnancy/child.

When was Rachel and ross's baby conceived?

a month before monica and chandler got married

Can a biological mother give up a baby conceived while married for adoption without her husband's consent?

I highly doubt that, the father has rights to that child, regardless of if they are married or not.

Why was shakespeare married to ann hathaway when he was only 18 years old?

Anne going to have a baby, and they wanted to be married before she was born.

In which Episode does Asuma get married?

Asuma did not get married. He was in a relationship with Kurenai, and she was pregnant with his child. However, Asuma was killed before the baby was born.