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  • In theory yes, but in reality I would say no. From experience it has become very expensive to travel to Hawaii (compared to a couple of years ago when it was dirt cheap). I have been quoted $1300 economy airfare (yes, 1 person) with 3 weeks advance to travel and recently bought a bargain of $629 booked 7 months in advance (both from SFO direct to Kona). The best deals I've seen if you are traveling to Honolulu are with Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays. They use a charter (typically ATA) and offer airfare only of $300+ from SFO to HNL. UA was recently running deals from Chicago but was very expensive from other locations. It just depends on how full the airlines think their planes will be. Try Pleasant Hawaiian it's worked out well for us in the past and they will book to other islands though not usually direct.
  • This is almost impossible to answer since airfares can and do change daily. I would advise you to wait until at least ninety but no more than thirty days prior to your travel dates. Airlines change their schedules and even go out of business. Your plans may also change. In the meantime watch you newspaper travel section for any special offers so you know the approximate cost of the best deals. There also are several search engines that check the internet for the best fares. My favorite is BoardingPass since it checks all of the low cost air fare sites and gives you the best information on schedules. It is a free download.
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Q: If you are planning a trip to Hawaii for next year can you get a lower fare if you book now?
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Where can the cheapest fare to Hawaii be found online?

You can find the cheapest fare to Hawaii online at website such as BestFares, PleasantHolidays, and Travelzoo. Other good websites are TripAdvisor and Expedia.

What is Super Saver Fare?

It's kinda like priceline or whatever but instead of hotels they work with airlines to book unsold tickets at lower costs.

How much to fly from Jakarta to Hawaii?

Approximately around 500 USD (student fare) until 2000 USD (regular fare) all based in economy class.

If you have already purchased your airfare ticket and the price goes down will the airline change your ticket to the lower fare?

some airlines offer guaranteed fare rules where if your purchased ticket is higher than the lower current fare they make an may want to check into this.

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Air Deccan has a dynamic fare structure, which encourages passengers to book early to reap the. benefits of lower fares. Air Deccan follows a single pricing for passengers.

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Depends, most free domestic have to be booked in a particular fare class. Lower the fare class for the airlines the lower the dollar amount. Usually 300 to 500 dollars. International vouchers can be worth 800 to 2000. Former Customer Care Northwest Airlines

When is the best time to shop for cheap air fare?

The off season is the best time to obtain a cheap air fare. There are numerous travel sites that can find you the lowest fare but you will need to book it immediately to lock in the price. Generally, non-holiday weeks are the cheapest to fly.

Where can I find some cheap round trip tickets to Hawaii?

With air fare becoming cheaper by the year, you can now go to far off places like Hawaii on the cheap. Check out

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