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Latex is not as dangerous as oil based, but to be on the safe side you should work in a well ventilated area and ask your Doctor.

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Q: If you are six weeks pregnant will the fumes from painting the nursery in latex paint hurt the baby?
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Are Latex paint fumes danger to baby?

Paint fumes are dangerous to anyone, but since 'latex' is a water-based paint, there is less likely to be dangerous fumes. Still, you should never paint with a baby in close proximity. Is it possible that my daughter who was 8 weeks pregnant and painting the house they were selling could have had inhaled the fumes of the paint resulting in a damaged foetus resulting in a spontaneous abortion.

What are the dangers of a two-year-old inhaling latex paint fumes?

If you mean latex paint, none. Latex is a water based paint and has no toxic fumes.

Is painting with latex ok when you are pregnant?

no the chemicals u breath in are harmful to the baby

Are latex paint fumes toxic to dogs?

No, latex or rubber-based paints are low odour and not a problem for man or animal.

What are common uses of latex?

Possibly the most common use of latex is painting interior walls.

What primer should be used on wallpaper before painting with red latex paint?

painting and straining

Is it bad to use latex paint if you're allergic to latex?

That observation seems to speak for itself. If you are allergic to latex the use of latex pain would be especially risky as unset paints tend to emit all kinds of fumes until they are set. Personally I would advise against it.

Will oil base paint stick to latex paint?

I'm not too sure, but it probably says on the can. I have used both latex and oil based paint; and I can't stand oil-based paint. It's more difficult to work with than with latex paint. Painting with latex is fun whereas painting with oil-based paint was a total pain in the ......... The fumes are so strong you can't use it indoors unless the area is well ventilated. The paint drips off the brush before you get it to the wall because the the paint is oily. Imagine painting with motor oil. It's almost that bad. I'll never use oil based paint again. its nothing like painting with motor oil, more like molasses I have been painting house's/ skyscrapers/oil rigs for over 25 years. & yes you can use oil base paint over latex, 1st you scruff the existing paint with sand paper, then dust, put 1 coat of primer(Kilz primer is the best I have found to use) over latex paint a lite coat will do. let dry & now your free to start painting. Dan

Can you paint flat matte latex over semi gloss latex?

Yes, as long as the surface is clean, oil-free and dulled prior to painting.

Can you used latex primer oil base before painting latex paint?

Part of your question does not make sense - "latex primer oil base" is a non sequitor. - It cannot be both 'latex'and 'oil base'. - However you can paint latex paint over either latex primer OR oil primer.

Is the Mother's Touch coordinating nursery paint certified safe for expectant mothers and babies?

Mother's Touch nursery paint is the most risk-free latex paint available and is completely safe for babies and mothers.

Can you paint gloss paint over satin paint?

If satin paint is latex and the gloss you are painting is latex painting over is fine..but if one is oil paint and one is latex they will not stick on wall surface...check for type by doing simple test using rubbing alcohol and scrub a spot if there is residue left on the rag it most likely is latex...if nothing on the cloth most likely oil paint or alkyd paint

Will latex paint kill shrubs?

Normally not, but it's a good idea to cover them when painting anyway.

What do you have to do before painting latex over oil based paint?

You have to use a good primer first.

Can you put latex paint over oil?

As long as you sand & prime first, in most cases just latex primer applied before painting with the latex paint. If the old paint is really old, be careful about sanding, it may contain lead.

Can a girl get pregnant if you have on two condoms?

yes, the latex rubbing together can cause a tear

Can you paint over slightly tacky latex paint with water based polycrylic finish?

You cannot paint over slightly tacky latex paint with a water based polycyclic finish. You should always wait until the latex paint is thoroughly dry before painting over it.

Can you paint latex paint over latex paint without primer?

Yes. But, if you are painting a light wall a dark color, such as red, you might want to think about getting a primer tinted to the final coat color.

Can you use oil base paint over latex when painting woodwork?

yes Yes, an oil paint will adhere to latex. It doesn't work in reverse, latex will not adhere to oil that is dry, but oil adheres to dry latex. If you were a purist, though, you would sand down the woodwork before repainting it. That would give the best result.

Are fumes from latex paint toxic?

To a minor extent yes, they are certainly not good for your health but they are not extremely dangerous either. Ensure good ventilation when using any paint.

How do I use a painting glaze?

Your mixture will depend on how you plan to apply the glaze, whether you are sponging it on or dragging etc. Latex washes work very well for faux painting. Here's a brief description on how to do it

Can you paint with latex paint with a baby in the house?

Yes, you should have no problem painting with latex paint with a baby in the house. Most latex paints being sold today are low VOC, and if you are still concerned, there are plenty of zero VOC paints out there to choose from. Check out the related link below.

How to Spray painting a car?

not for beginners,the new paints out there we use are too hard on lungs and very dangorous..take it to Macco for there $400.00 paint job. I have painted cars for 40 yrs,now coughblood, ears bleed and lungs are 80 % plugged.. and nevr smoked ,,,and I wear proper breathing apparatus and sealed clothing.the new paint fumes get thru everything.thats why the new auto paints are going to Latex,water based.safer for the people doing the painting.

Can latex paint be put over oil paint?

You need to prime first, with a primer that adheres to oil paints, and to which latex can adhere. You may even want to sand the oil-painted surface lightly to scuff it for better primer adhesion. Painting latex straight on top of oil paint will result in peeling.

Are acrylic paints OK to use on walls?

Yes, they can be put on a primer, or over latex. See the link for more on wall painting techniques.