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Shoot you in the foot??? NO. They can attach other personal property you own.

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Q: If you are taken to court over a repossession what can they do besides garnishing your wages?
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Does the repossession company have to report the repossession to the police after the repossession?

I only know about the state of Massachusetts. And yes in our state they have one hour to report the repossession to the police department in the town of which the car was taken.

Does repossession show on your credit report as soon as the car is taken or after it is auctioned?

It can show at any time. A repossession is compleated as soon as the car is picked up so it does not matter what happens after the repossession it still did happen.

Can a trailer be taken that is attached to a truck being repossessed?

They can only take whatever it is they have an order of repossession for - if the trailer is not included in their order of repossession, they cannot take it.

Can a repossession of a car from 5 years ago be taken to court and possibly garnish your paycheck?

That would depend on the SOL of state the where the person resides. And the laws of that state that pertain to secured property loans.

What if your car is up for repossession but it has been taken to a junkyard?

Its bad luck I suppose

If you do a voluntary repossession on your auto can your house be taken by the bank if you have no equity in it?

NO. They can't take what you don't have.

How do you stop a repossession in process?

Pay the past due amount on the loan or pay the loan in full. In the event you are able to do this, it is a good idea to have the lender contact the repossession agency to cancel the repossession while you remain on hold. If you fail to do this, it could take several hours for them to notify the repossession agency, and your vehicle could still be taken.

How much is a repo fee from gm?

Repossession fees are variable for all auto lenders. Repossession fees are real costs that are accrued in the repossession of a vehicle, or based on these costs. Fuel, number of visits, wages, insurance, etc. are all taken into account. So the repossession fee on one vehicle may be vastly different, greater or less, than the fees on another.

Will your car be taken off of repossession if you pay money on it?

Only if you pay up all the arrears payments that caused the repossession process to begin in the first place. Partial payments will have to be negotiated with the original lender.

What is the oath taken in a court of law?

the oath taken in the court of law is to tell the truth and nothing but the truth

If vehicle is in repossession phase and you are pulled over will you go to jail for auto theft?

No. Not if the circumstances are as simple as stated. Repossession is a civil law procedure, not involving criminal law -UNLESS- the vehicle HAD already been re-possessed and you went and took it back from the repossession impound lot, or the repossession agent or the bank. If it had already been taken and impounded then, yes, you could be charged with auto theft.

What is sued?

Taken to court.

How much of your back ssdi pay will be taken for back chuld support?

I receive $800. prmonth, child support is garnishing $500. pr. Month How do I reduce the garnishments

What legal steps can be taken if vehicle repossessed was taking from fenced in area?

In most cases none. All things being equal, it will be your word against the word of the repossession agent. Most repossession agents are very familiar with local judges and law enforcement. You defaulted on your loan note. It is likely the word of the repossession agent will carry more weight.

What is the best way to get rid of a repossession before it gets taken?

(1) Make your payments. (2) Call the bank and work out the detales.

Can a backhoe and trailer be taken with repossessed truck?

If they only have an order of repossession of the truck, then no. Otherwise, the trailer and backhoe would be considered stolen.

What are the car repossession laws in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, your car may be repossessed if you miss one payment. Your car may be taken any time of the day or night by the repossession company. The repossession company is not allowed to keep any items that you may have left in the car. The company must inform you as to what they are going to do with the car, including selling it, putting it in a car auction, or keeping it.

If you received a letter stating they were going to start garnishing your wages on a certain date but you pay the debt in full before that date what happens next?

This could be different in different states. In my state you have to get proof from where the debt was owed. In this state it is called a Letter of Satisfaction. Take that letter to the court clerk that has jurisdiction over the court order. The clerk will file it and cancel the debt. Take the proof to your employer. In some states the court clerk has to notify your employer. If it is not completed in time, then any money that gets taken out of your pay has to be returned to you.

Can a coowner report a car in repossession stolen inn Vegas?

No. Namely, because the car wasn't stolen - it was taken back by the rightful owner (the financier), via a repossession agent. It's not the financier's fault - nor the repo agent's - that you neglected to make your payments.

How far behind on payments can you be before santander US can repossess your car?

Typically when it comes to car repossession, a customer has to worry about their car being taken when they have missed three payments. Sometimes repossession can be held off by just contacting the company and reassuring them they will get their money.

Kentucky auto repossession laws?

1 day 1 cent can be taken. However, many lenders are much more forgiving.

How does the Supreme Court help us?

If a decision made at District Court is successfully appealled, the case gets taken to a higher court. If there wasn't a Supreme Court, cases would keep getting appealled and taken to a higher court each time. Rulings by the Supreme Court can get appealled (the case would get taken to Congress), but this process is very difficult. The Supreme Court also has a duty to make sure laws and actions by the President and Congress are not unconsitutional.

Were there any other groups of people besides Africans that were taken as slaves?

They fickwd

What can you do about a repossession if you only owed 717 dollars and you were never contacted about the repossession?

Pay the money. You don't have to be contacted about the repossession; you are aware of the terms of your loan in your contract. If you're behind, pay what you owe so you can get the vehicle back. * The amount owed is not relevant. The following states require "right to cure" notification before repossession action can be taken: Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachuetts, Missouri, South Carolina and West Virginia and Wisconsin (replevin order required).

Can someone take you to court if they get a STD?

No, a person will not be taken to court over a STD (not including HIV).