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Birth Control pills work by convincing the body that it is already pregnant, therefore has no need to release an egg - thus preventing pregnancy. Yasmin is very good at protecting against pregnacy (it is a 3rd generation COC - has both oestrogen and progesterone in it.) Stomach problems are not a symptoms of pregnancy but do be aware that gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhea) may cause Yasmin to fail due to it not being properly absorbed. So, if on it for birth control use another method such as a condom. Or, if on it for PCOS or heavy periods like me, then don't worry!

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Q: If you are taking Yasmine could stomach problems be symptoms of pregnancy?
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Can you tell if you are pregnant by stomach symptoms?

no. stomach symptoms could mean lots of other things and are NOT determinant of pregnancy. get a pregnancy test.

Does your stomach just feel bloated when pregnant?

A bloated stomach is one of the pregnancy symptoms yes.

Phantom pregnancy in female horses?

A horse who is experiencing a phantom pregnancy will have symptoms of an actual pregnancy. These symptoms include the horse being tired with a puffed up stomach.

Is having pressure and little pain in your lower abdomen also a little neause sign of pregnancy?

The symptoms you described can be symptoms of pregnancy but also symptoms of a stomach bug. Perform a pregnancy test if your period doesn't arrive.

If you have the feeling of gas in stomach are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are the normal symptoms of pregnancy. A feeling of gas in the stomach is a normal human sensation.

If your stomach hurts after you eat is that a sign of pregnancy?

Ah, no. There would be a lot of other symptoms to consider the possibility of pregnancy.

Would these be pregnancy symptoms bloated stomach cravings cramps on lower abdomen pulsing in my stomach that if i push in it feels weird and it pulses stronger pain in me lower abdomen?

This is necessarily not pregnancy though it might be. It's best you carry out a home pregnancy test as this symptoms might be for something else. Besides, pregnancy symptoms varies in women. All the best dear

Does your stomach get stiff the first 3 days of pregnancy?

No. Most people have no symptoms until at least 2 weeks into their pregnancy

Are cramps tightening of the stomach heartburn headaches and strong emotions symptoms of pregnancy?

They were symptoms of my pregnancy, but just because you're experiencing these symptoms does not mean that you are pregnant. They can also be symptoms of being overly stressed which can also affect your period. Well heartburn is definatley a symptom of pregnancy. As you do not get heartburn from stress! Actually all those symptoms are a symptom of pregnancy.

What is the symptoms foe pregnancy?

Breast enlargement, stomach enlargement, morning sickness (vomiting).

If your stomach bubbles after intercourse are you pregnant?

There are no signs or symptoms immediately after sex that demonstrate that you're pregnant. "Stomach bubbling" is not a symptom of pregnancy.

Is loud and frequent stomach noises and feelings that you've never had before a sign of pregnancy?

The stomach symptoms are not a sign of pregnancy. I'm not sure what the other feelings are, but are most likely not related.

Can severe bloating and fullness in the stomach and ovary pain and dizziness be symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes it could be.

Are stomach and back pains some symptoms of pregnancy?

no no different structure of pain and different points

I have symptoms of pregnancy i and many friends have seen and felt movement in my stomach I also look pregnant but the test said that i am not 8 months of this what is it?

If you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, you need to see a doctor. You may be pregnant or it could be a phantom pregnancy.

Can hot flashes and stomach pains be an indication of pregnancy?

They can be symptoms, yes, but they aren't a guarantee that you're pregnant.

What can cause missed periods and pregnancy symptoms including large rounded stomach but not be pregnant?

i have the same question

How do you treat early pregnancy symptoms?

Unfortunately, you cannot really treat them. They are what they are. About the only thing you can do is take some medication for your upset stomach if that is one of your symptoms.

Sore stomach sensitive and sore breasts and nipples?

What is your question, no there not pregnancy symptoms they are pms symptoms, that's an assumption because you didn't ask a question.

If you have stomach pain and not a lot of pregnancy symptoms could you be having an ectopic pregnancy?

Your side will hurt when you cough or strain and you will bleed if it's a tubal pregnany.

Why am i having occasionally bleeding..stomach pain..back pain.. and all the symptoms of pregnancy when i have an IUD in and all the pregnancy test are negative?

Bleeding, stomach pain, and back pain are not pregnancy symptoms. Your pregnancy test is negative and you are using effective birth control. Please see your health care provider to find out why you're having pain.

What are the symptoms of pathogens?

Symptoms of bloodborne pathogens include stomach problems, flu like symptoms, fatigue, and weight loss. HIV and malaria are bloodborne pathogens.

Is Vomiting a day after intercourse and irritable to smells a symptom of pregnancy?

You would have no pregnancy hormones the day after intercourse so you would have no pregnancy symptoms. The nausea and vomiting are probably from a stomach bug. In a month you may find you are pregnant but your current symptoms are not caaused by a pregancy.

Can you get pregnancy symptoms five days after conceiving?

It's rare but I had butterfly like feelings in my stomach after about a week and I was pregnant

Can you get negative Test and have pregnancy symptoms?

im only 5 weeks pregnant and I had pregnancy symptoms before i was even far along enough to get a positive pregnancy test such as minor heartburns, horrible breast pain and nipples sore and itchy. And minor stomach cramps and nausea.