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Well, if you can't wait the 6 months and you leave and your parents freak, your best bet would be to go to court and get emancipated. If your parents aren't going to care, just leave. You don't need that.

2006-08-03 23:35:58
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How can one leave their mentally abusive spouse and not have to worry about losing their 2 kids to the spouse?

If you can prove that he's been mentally abusive (statements and letters from friends or family would help) then it would be up to a judge to decide whether the children should be subjected to a mentally abusive father. By the way, there are some who believe that allowing children to witness the physical or mental abuse between parents is actually a form of child abuse.

Why are all adult parents abusive to all children?

So all parents are abusive to their kids apart from teen parents? No that is not true. Some parents have serious issues and that include teen parents as well but there's help to get. The majority of parents are not abusive.

When adoptive parents are mentally abusive what rights do you have?

You can contact the Child Protective Service and they will investigate and see if you can stay at home or not. You can also talk to a trusted adult or relative or the police.

Were Adolf Hitler's parents abusive?

Hitler's father was abusive, but not his mother.

At 17 years old can you legally move out of your mothers mentally and verbally abusive household to live with reletives in a healthy environment and go school?

you can move out when you are 16 without a parents consent.

How old do you have to be to decide who you live with if parents are abusive?

This is concerning. If both parents are abusive, this should be reported to DHR/DCS/Child Welfare and law enforcment.

Can Abusive Parents cause Teen Depression?


Who is responsible for child slavery?

abusive parents and also you

Were either of Hitler's parents mentally challenged?


How many adopted kids get abused?

some foster parents can be the nicest things, almost as good as the real thing. but in other cases, the foster parents can be abusive phsycally, mentally, sexually, or neglect their foster child/children. but you cant place a number on kids abused by foster familys.

What were his parents like?

His parents could be like any other person's parents. His parents could be very sweet or they could be abusive.

What are enviromental factors with living abusive parents?

Just talk to a counselor about it at school. They can help you out with your parents. :)

Shouldn't Children be taken away from their abusive parents?


How do you get horny while your parents are home?

Go somewhere that you can be alone? For example your room? Bathroom?If your a girl frig yourself if your a boy wank.Simple(A)

Where are Noel Gallagher's parents from?

His parents are from somewhere in Ireland

What percent of child abusers were victims of abuse?

About 10%, or perhaps as many as 40%, of abusive parents were themselves physically abused as children, but most abused children do not grow up to be abusive parents.

Can you get child support at 37?

Only if you are mentally challenged or handicapped to a point where you can not take care of yourself and had it since childhood. Then parents can get a court order to keep supporting you. If you are healthy - of course not.

What are the rights of a parents to their child?

Parents have a right to impose any rules that are legal, moral , not dangerous, and not abusive.

Should adoptive children be given the right back to their birth parents?

not unless their birth parents were abusive to them

Was johnny cade's parents acholic's?

Yes they were alcoholics. Johnnycakes stated that his parents were abusive, neglecting drunks.

Most abusive parents were themselves battered or neglected as children?


Can a 16 yr old girl in Louisiana move out of her parents home if they are abusive physically and verbally and move into a stable home of a friend without the parents permision?

Yes. As long as they're being abusive.

Is it common for an abusive parent to claim that parents deserve complete respect and compliance from their children?

Unfortunately it is. Many abusive parents cling to that so that it seems right for them to punish you. Granted, it's never a good thing, but they do.

What percentage of abused children grow up to be non abusive parents?


Can a sixteen year old leave home and live somewhere else without parental consent if their parents are emotionally abusive in WA?

For any reason, a 16 year old cannot live alone. Im sorry if this happened to you.