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Immigration officials looks at the totality of the evidence to determine whether or not a marriage is fake. A prenup does not automatically mean the marriage is fake. However, it could suggest so if the couple has just met, does not combine bills, or does not live together.

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Q: If you came to the US as a student but your visa expired and your boyfriend is a US citizen and wants a prenup does this make the marriage look fake?
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Can a US citizen legally marry a person who is in the country with a tourist visa but a tourist visa has expired for years?

Can a us citizen marry a person who has a expired student visa?

What do you do if your work visa is expired?

Either apply for another, change your situation (get married to a U.S. citizen, student visa etc.) or leave. Anything else (including marriage only for the purpose of residency) is illegal.

How can a student immigrant apply for marriage a US citizen?

eat lots of cheese

Can an overstay student with valid passport and have social security number obtain marriage license by marrying a US citizen. Will any chance be rejected and got caught?

By Personal experience... I got married to my Husband who was illegal here with an EXPIRED passport of his country and we still got the marriage License. All you really need is a form of id and the passport. You should be fine.hope that helped! Because even with an expired passport, we got a marriage license, but he had his id. :)

Will an international student be allowed to same-sex marry a citizen in the a state that allows same-sex marriage?


How long does one have to wait after legal marriage to a non-US citizen to be eligible for student loans?

I was a university student when I married my illegal immigrant husband. It made no change in my student loans at all.

Is a student eligble to marry a non us citizen due to financial circumstances?

Any American can marry any non-citizen, but selling marriage and citizenship is illegal. Financial circumstances are not a factor in legality.

What will happen to your previous application for a student visa if you married a citizen and apply for a permanent residency?

Your application for a student visa is handled separately from your marriage application. If your marriage application is approved, then that will override your student visa application. If, however, it is not approved then your student application still remains in affect. Please note that in your marriage application there is a question which asks, "Have you ever filed for ANY other types of visas?", which must be answered correctly otherwise you will be subject to denial for filing a false application!

How to marry if here on student visa?

Just go to the court and marry a U.S. citizen. Their may be a 90 day waiting period before the marriage is legalized.

What if your fiancee is here on a student visa which is now expired and will you be able to get a marriage license with the SS number and photo ID from her home country?

in Colorado, if the photo ID is recognized legal then yes

Can an African student who is not an American citizen marry a us citizen?

Yes, they can

How can you report someone with an expired student visa?

By calling the UKBA

Is it Illegal to be in US with expired student visa?

If you are inside the United States with an expired visa of any kind, you are considered illegal.

Can an American citizen get a loan in Canada?

can american citizen get student loan in canada

You are married to a US citizen you came there on a student visa Just found out that he has a felony Is the marriage legal?

If you are married to a US citizen who is a felon, the marriage is still legal. If he is now in prison and you are trying to move to the United States, it may cause you problems. If he committed a felony and is now out of prison, there should be no problems other than the usual. That is not guarantee there will not be.

If a citizen of Russia is attending school in the US on a Student Visa and becames pregnant by an American what happens toher Student Visa?

If a citizen of Russia is attending school in the US on a Student Visa and becames pregrant by an American what happens to her Student Visa?

Does Canadian citizen who is in joint custody with Canadian born Childrens entered in US by student Visa has rights to stay in states by marries a US Citizen?

Yes and no. They have the right to stay in the US for as long as the student visa is active. However, marriage to a US citizen would allow for the Canadian to apply for a CR-1 visa (or IR-1 if they've been married two years or more), which allows for permanent residence.

Was President Obama a exchange student at Columbia University?

If he was a exchange student from Indonisa then he is not a American Citizen.

If a us citizen gives birth to a child of a student visa carrier what happens next?

if a kid is born from a us citizen then they are a us citizen

Every student in high school is good citizen?


How can a US born citizen get a foreign student scholarship?

I have no answer - I am asking you

Do you have to be us citizen to obtain a loan from a federal student program?

Not necessarily. If a non-citizen meets certain eligibility criteria they can get a Federal Student Loan. Visit the link below for the eligibility criteria.

Can a US citizen adopt an alien with a valid student visa?

I would depend on the age of student but usually yes you could.

How much is the tuition fees for medical student that are Ghanaian citizen?


How can you get student loan in Hungary to complete your masters education?

You have to be a Hungarian citizen to get it.