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Yes. If the signer defaults on the loan, then you, as the cosigner, would be liable.

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Q: If you cosign for a car loan can you be sued successfully?
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Can you cosign a car loan in a different state?


Can a husband cosign for a car loan for his wife?


Can you cosign without your name being on the car just the car loan?


Can your husband cosign on a car loan with a suspended license?

ok Should not be a problem. A car loan is about credit, not driving.

Who can garnish ssd checks?

i cosign for a car am on ssd the car was rep ode now there after me to pay the loan

Can you get sued for the balance of your car loan after the car is repossessed and sold?


Does a cosigner need a driver's license?

You need a lisence to drive the car, but not to cosign a loan.

What did the math teacher have to do so his daughter could buy a used car?

Cosign the loan

If i cosign a car for someone will my name come off in a year?

No. It doesn't come off until the loan is paid and if the person who is getting the loan doesn't pay you will owe for the loan. When you cosign it also goes on your credit report.

Can someone without a job co-sign on a car?

Yes, a person without a job can cosign on a car loan. However, the person must have great credit before they can cosign.

Can you be sued over a defaulted car loan in Texas?


If you are sixteen can you get a loan for a car if you have somebody with good credit who will cosign for you?

Yes, that's the simplest way to do it.

Can you get a auto loan but put the car in someone else name?

You can cosign but both names will be on title.

Can you cosign a car loan if you filed for bankruptcy?

If you can find a lender who will accept your signature, sure. Unlikely.

Can someone else insure a car if the loan is in your name?

Depending on the state you must at least cosign.

Can a grandparent cosign?

Absolutely anyone that can qualify for credit can cosign a loan for anyone. But be careful, as the person cosigning takes full responsibility for seeing the loan is payed and will be the one sued for failure to pay (not the person they cosigned for) should the lender decide it is necessary to sue (e.g. the car was destroyed while uninsured and thus cannot be repossessed and no insurance settlement will be made).

What to do if Being sued for unpaid car loan in pa?

Call the loan company and try to work with them. Next step is you loose the car.

How many time can you cosign a car?

how many times can someone cosign a car

Wife and you on car loan now divoced can you get off loan?

I am dealing with my own drama in a cosign arrangement. I have found that the only way to get your name off of the loan is to have her get a new loan through refinance.

If cosigner has a car loan already may she cosign for someone and be approved for that person and the cosigner has good credit?


What to do if being sued for unpaid car loan in Texas but you don't have car?

It does not matter if you don't have the car any more. What matters is the unpaid loan you took out on it when you bought it. It is because of the loan, not the car, that you are being sued. You can try re-negotiating with the car dealership and with the financial company. If that fails, you can try to hire a lawyer to protect your interests.

When someone is a cosigner on the loan of your car does that mean he owns any part of it?

when you cosign on any kind of loan you dont have to pay anything unless the person you cosigned for does not pay the loan, then you are responsible for that the remaining balance on the loan

If you have cosigned for your mom how can you get your name off of the car?

I assume you mean how do you get your name off the car LOAN! The only ways to do that would be to either pay off the loan or have your mom refinance it under just her name (or get someone else to cosign THAT loan)

Can you be sued for a car that has been repoed?

If your car was repossessed, they will sue you for the difference in what the car sells for and the balance on the loan, plus repossession fees.

If you cosign an auto loan for your child why does the dealership say that the car has to go under your insurance?

Only the dealership can tell you why they have made this requirement.