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He will be the first to be sued. You will be next. Make sure the lender knows where he is working and living.

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2015-07-15 19:19:37
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Q: If you cosigned for your son and the car got repossessed and he has a job and failed to pay can they sue him?
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If you cosigned a car loan for your daughter and the car got repossessed do you both have to file for bankruptcy?

Having a car or other item repossessed does not mean anyone has to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is to protect you from creditors and should be sought if you owe more than your net worth and have no reasonable prospect of being able to pay what you owe.

If your aunt cosigned for a car and it got repossessed can she file suit against you because of the repossession?

Yes she can "IF" you fell behind on payments, and your car was repossessed, that means that she is liable for the monies due and she has every right to sue you to recoup her losses, so that her credit does not go bad.If you do the right thing right away and pay what you owe, you might be able to salvage your car and your aunt's trust. Good Luck

If you are the primary on the car note for an auto loan you got with someone else who pays when the car is repossessed?

As the primary, you are the first one they go after.

I had a car that got repossessed and I was left owing a lot on the loan and then I got married. Is my husband now responsible for my past due loan?

No. Because the car was purchased prior to the marriage.

Your car was repossessed but i got it backi still owe late fees though can they repossess the car a second time?

YES, sorry btdt

If you paid the fees and got your car back from repo but what if you miss another payment with the bank?

It gets repossessed again.

If you cosigned for a car and it got repossessed voluntarily what will it do to your credit and will you owe?

Whether a repossession is done "voluntarily" by the primary or through the action of the lender, the primary borrower and the cosigner are still legally responsible for all the terms of the lending agreement. The affect the repossession has on the cosigner's credit history will depend upon the actions of the lender to recover the debt owed.

What if the car repossessed got in a wreck?

If you buy a car, lend it to a friend and it get wrecked then you have to get it reposessed with a bk. What can the creditor do if the car is wrecked? Even after the bk can you be charged for missing or broken parts?

Can you buy another car though your first car got repossessed?

Yes, if you have the money you can buy it. If you are searching for a car loan, you may have some difficulty in that. Paying cash, no problem.

If you recently purchased a car and got fired a couple days later can your car be repossessed?

Your vcar can be repoed anytime your loan is in DEFAULT. Regardless of the cause for being in default.

If you get youre car get repossed can you buy a new car?

Sure, but you might have trouble getting the loan to buy it due to the fact that your other car got repossessed by the bank that gave you another loan.

How can you keep your car from being repossessed you got behind and it is hard to catch up?

were ever you got your lone. tell them you would like too defar your paypant to the end of your lone..

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