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Yes, your parents have to agree that you can live there so the other adult can be your legal guardian. Or you have to go to a court and prove that your life at home with either parent is bad and that life with the other adult is stable and they are responsible, etc. It may be hard to get it done, but if living with your parents is really bad, it will be worth the effort. They may suggest some counseling for all of you to see if you can be happy with one of your parents. I think you should talk to your mom and dad and tell them how you are feeling.

If you are asking this question for yourself, I have no doubt that you have reason to consider your parents 'unstable'. If this is the case and their behaviour or treatment of you is likely to cause you harm, then you would be very unlikely to be forced to do to remain in their care.

If another person is willing to undertake your care, they should be assessed by Social Services as a carer. If you go to live with this person without your parents consent and they complain then the Social Services will be required to investigate the circumstances.

They may decide that your new carer is not suitable, in which case you will be faced with foster care or residential care as the only alternatives to being with your parents.

Only go to these lengths if you are 100% sure that your 'stable adult' is likely to pass muster with the authorities. Good Luck

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Q: If you do not want to live with either one of your parents and there is another stable adult that is willing to support you can you live with someone else?
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