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If you eat peanuts during your pregnancy will your baby become allergic to them when they are born?

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2015-07-16 19:30:48
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No the baby will not become allergic to them. Actually peanuts are good to eat while your pregnant. They are nutritious for the baby.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that try to eat pistachio nuts. They are very healthy for the baby.

I read that consuming TOO MANY peanuts CAN cause later nut allergies. I'd check with my doctor.

Actually eating peanuts during pregnancy has been proved to stop babies being allergic to them unless of course you eat to many

I have read that some studies suggest that a mother eating peanuts while pregnant can be linked to peanut allergies in the child, but several other studies have said there is no detectable correlation. So much in this world we just don't know!

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yes high in fiber, it will help keep you from getting constipated. :)

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no YES Goats love peanuts - best to use the unsalted type - roasted or freash raw and in the shell ( great fiber). I have cashmere goats and feed peanuts for treats and protein during pregnancy

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They can become larger during pregnancy causing difficulty with urination.

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There are no known problems with eating almonds during pregnancy unless you have allergic reactions to almonds. Eating almonds in moderation can be part of a healthy diet for pregnant women.

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