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Muscle needs constant work to keep it. The muscle will not go away in a few days, but over a few weeks or months, the toning and then the muscle itself will break down. You do not have to lift as heavy as you did to get the muscle, but you need to perform some kind of maintenance program to keep what you have.

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Q: If you exercise and get a big butt and then stop working out will the muscle go away?
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How do you increase your butt size?

You exercise and bulk up the muscle in your butt and your butt will look and be larger.

Is shaking your butt good for butt muscle exercise?

yea it is and theres an other thing called getting a life!

What exercise is best to build more muscle in your butt?

Lunges. see:

What exercise is for small muscle group?

There are many exercises you could do for small muscle groups such as smiling. You could also do butt flexes.

Does butt muscle help you run faster?

no. Yes. It does. When you run you are trying to push the ground away from yourself almost and then you kick away backwards. Also, when you run uphill, you use alot of butt muscle.

Why do pepople have big butts?

Exercise can help build the muscle in your butt, but you need to remember things like squats and lunges will not help you make your butt bigger.

If you are working out to get a bigger butt how long will it take you to see results?

Likely years of regular exercise.

What is the glutes muscle?

Your ass(butt) muscle

Does running help make your butt smaller?

Depends if your butt is fat or muscle-if its fat-then aerobic exercise along with low fat diet will reduce size. If muscle-avoid those muscle building exercises that focus on buttocks-ie cycling, stairmaster etc-opt for running, treadmill,rowers,etc

Does riding a stationary bike make your butt bigger or smaller?

The easy answer is, neither bigger or smaller. Your butt is just sitting there. Think of aerobic exercise as a whole body exercise. However, it will get smaller if you are starting with a more than average fat supply. And, if your intensity and mileage is high enough, you will be building muscle in your legs, and butt area, but most people will not experience a bigger butt.

Is your buttcheek a muscle?

yes your butt cheek is a muscle

How do you get a nice butt?


Are there any diets which can help you build butt muscle?

There arin't any diets to build muscle alone..If you're working out and lifting weight then you should be on a high protein diet.

Is your butt a muscle?


What is kept in a butt?


What muscle is the strongest muscle pound for pound?

thighs and butt

What if you have a big butt but you have dents on your butt checks?

You live with it or exercise. That is what the treadmill is for.

Is there any way to loose muscle in your butt?

It is easy to lose muscle in your butt. All you have to do is stop exercising every day.

What is the strongest muscle in your body?

Your Gloots. (Your Butt)the tongue really NO its your butt

Do shots in the butt hurt?

It usually does because your butt is your biggest muscle.

How do you get thicker arms thighs hips calves and butt in two months?

Why would you want to do that! Exercise and toning will build muscle and thus form shape to these areas.

How do you reduce butt size?


What exercise is good for the butt?


How do you exercise the butt?

Squats && lunges

Can the back bridge exercise be done by keeping your butt in the air for a minute?

It is hard to do the back exercise by keeping your butt in air for a minute.