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Q: If you had intercourse the day before you came on your period very light for 2 days could you be pregnant?
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Could a woman be pregnant if she had an intercourse 2 weeks before her period?

Yes, there is a high chance that she could be pregnant

You had intercourse a day before your period could you be pregnant?

It is possible, but extremely unlikely.

You had intercourse on the 27 of sept and that night you got your period could you b pregnant?


Could you get pregnant if you had your period on December 10 and you had unprotected intercourse on December 26?


Can I be pregnant when intercourse occurred on the last day of your period?

This is unlikely, although it could be possible depending on when you ovulated.

Could you become pregnant the day after your period?

Yes if after your period but if seven days before your period you will not become pregnant...

Could you be pregnant if you had period jul9 bleed again jul23 started light spotting august10th and spotted after intercourse and period still hasn't come?

If there was unprotected intercourse in there somewhere then yes.

You had unprotected intercourse during your fertile period how likely is it that you could be pregnant?

VERY. Its happened to me too many times.

You are 11 years old your period is late could you be pregnant?

If you've had unprotected intercourse, yes. Ask your mom so you can take a test. This is not something you want to drag out on and have no options in the end. 11yo have become pregnant before.

Do you have to get your period to get pregent?

No, you don't have to get your period to get pregnant. Menstruation occurs after ovulation, if the egg is not fertilized. Thus you could get pregnant before you ever start menstruating as you could be fertile before then.

If you screwed a girl like an hour before she has her period but then she got her period could she be pregnant?


If you had intercourse on Feb 13th and the first day of your last period was Feb 5th could you be pregnant?

if you had unprotected sex , yes

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