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It should work ok if the wire for the tach under the hood is connected and I don't remember which one it is.

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Q: If you have a 2004 LeSabre without a tach can you swap this instrument cluster out with one with a tach?
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Where is the engine heat indicator in toyata raum 2004 model?

On the instrument cluster.

Where is the BCM on a 2004 Dodge Durango?

The instrument cluster is also the body computer.

How do you fix a 2004 Buick Rainier Speedometer?

You have to replace the instrument cluster in most cases.

Is there a recall for 2004 Chevy 1500 Instrument cluster?

As per there is only a recall on tires for this model.

Why will your speedometer not work in your 2004 Pontiac Montana?

the speedometer in my 2004 Montana kept sticking. showing I was going 50mph when I was sitting still. the instrument cluster turned out to be at fault and had to replace the entire cluster as it is one unit.

Will a 2004 gauge cluster fit a 2001 sebring?

I will be able to answer that questions in 2 weeks. I have a 2001 in Florida that needs repair and I have a 2004 in Ohio. I recently replaced and repaired instrument cluster in the 2004, so when I get to Florida, I wll try to trade the parts out.

Location of turn signal flasher for 2004 Buick LeSabre?


How do you you set the time in a 2004 BMW 325ci?

Very aggravating problem with a simple answer thanks to my wife! First, you must have the time showing in the instrument cluster of your dashboard (the digital display in the center of the dash showing the odomoter, temperature, etc.). If the time is not showing in the instrument cluster, then look/feel for a small button labelled 'BC' on the end of the turn signal indicator lever. Push this button to scroll through the options for the instrument cluster and stop when the time is displayed. With the time showing in the instrument cluster, twist and hold the right knob on the instrument cluster until the time starts to change. You can twist it forward or backwards depending on which way you want to set the time. This sets the time in both the instrument cluster and the radio.

Where is the instrument cluster on a 2004 avalanche?

That is were all your gauges and lights that come on when you turn the key on is. You look at it all the time to see how fast you are going.

How do you replace a bulb in the instrument panel of a 2004 subaru legacy?

If it's an automatic; Go to, click on Forums, under General > Do-It-Yourself Illustrated Guide > Replacing Lights on the Instrument Cluster.

Where is the Stepper motor for a 2004 Chevy impala located?

The stepper motor is located in the instrument cluster. The stepper motor is what turns the needles in all the gauges.

The gas light on your 2004 Toyota Echo is burnt out how do you change it?

Grab the top of the instrument cluster surround and pull towards you. It should pop right out. You now have exposed the instrument cluster. There are two screws on each side. Unscrew them and pull the cluster out. On the back side you will see the light sockets. Twist the one that is bad to the left and pull out the socket. pull out bulb and replace.

When was MySQL Cluster created?

MySQL Cluster was created in 2004-11.

Turn signalshazzard lights quit flashing on 2004 impala where is the flasher?

It should be located on the dash just up and left of the sterio near the instrument cluster

Does a 2004 Buick Lesabre have a timing chain?


Does a 2004 Buick LeSabre have a vacuum modulator on the transmission?


Where is the wiper control module located on a 2004 dodge ram 1500 slt?

Wiper control is a joint effort between the instrument cluster and the TIPM (the computer that is oart of the under hood fuse box).Wiper control is a joint effort between the instrument cluster and the TIPM (the computer that is oart of the under hood fuse box).

Are there problems with the Instrument Panel of a 2004 Isuzu Ascender?

Yes. The General Motors GMT360 platform vehicles that includes the Ascender have had instrument cluster issues with the stepper motors. You can learn more at All the answers for your Truck

Where can you find the headlight control module on a 2004 dodge 3500?

the headlamp switch is an input to the instrument cluster. The cluster the sends the signal across the communication wires to the fcm (the computer on the side of the underhood fuse box). The fcm then turns the lights on.

How do you replace instrument panel light bulbs on a 2004 gmc sierra?

You have to pull the gauge cluster out. On the back of the gauge cluster there will be little gray bulbs that twist in, turn them to the left and pull them out. Be carefull not to break the clips on the dash while removing it, or installing it.

How do you remove the instrument panel on a 2004 Envoy?

We have full instruction on cluster removal and how to replace the stepper motors for the gauges. Use the search button "how to replace your stepper motors"

How do you reset the maint req lite in 2004 Honda CR-V?

Insert the end of the ignition key into the little black slot near the odometer on your instrument cluster.

What causes instrument panel gauges to jump all over the place in a 2004 GMC 1500?

Usually when the gauges jump around there is some kind of computer problem. Your problem can lie in the body control module or in the ECM. Without looking at it, that is a tough call. The instrument cluster could be bad too. Those are the things I would check first.

What are the torque specs for 1999 Buick LeSabre front hub and wheel bearing?

118 ft lbs 1997-2004 Buick LeSabre

How do you jump start a 2004 buick la saber?

Illustrate how to jump start a 2004 buick lesabre