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Having menstruation stop after losing too much weight is known as "secondary amenorrhea." Most women who experience this, such as athletes or those with eating disorders, do have a return of their menstrual cycle once they regain the weight. If the woman doesn't have it return, then she should see a physician. If the weight loss is due to an eating disorder, it's very important to see a physician right away and get some help. If it is due to heavy exercise, be very careful about getting underweight, as this can have serious consequences just like being overweight can. Hope this helps! Dr. B.

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Q: If you have lost weight and your period stops will it come back?
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Will your period come back if it stopped when you lost weight?

once you are gaining your weight back at a normal rate and your body hasn't felt like it was deprived of its nutrients, then yes it will come back in time. but just to let you know, it isn't good to lose weight to the point where you don't have your period. i hope you are questioning yourself whether the way you lost weight was a good one and if you think you lost too much weight.

When does the city come back on?

i think when the hills comes back on it stops so probably when the hills stops it will start again

Can you be pregnant if your period suddenly stops?

It would depend if you mean stops as in you don't get another period the following month or stops in the middle of a period. if your periods stop and your next one hasn't come then chances are very high that you could be pregnant, however if you have your period and it suddenly stops then chances are you just have a short period this month. goodluck

When does a woman begin developing eggs after her period?

Eggs are not actually developed. They are always there in your ovaries, they just don't come down until after your period. They begin to come down soon after your period stops.

Can your period come and go for a few days?

It usually does stop for a day or two and then it comes back it mostly does that on an irregular cycle because you have either been in the shower or it just stops!!!M

Are you getting back pain due to period no period have not come yet?

during period i am having severe pain in lower abdomen and back

You miss a period in the month of June and still waiting for your period to come you are experience back pain and cramps Could you be pregnant after a tubal?

As you are waiting for your period to come, and cramps and back pain are signs of pregnancy.

Does losing a lot of blood from your period make you lose some weight?

Of course anything shed from your body will equate to a loss of weight (even if its extremely minimal), but it will come back when all that blood that was lost is regained for the next cycle. i would not count on a woman's period as a form of exercise or a means of weight loss.

What is your period how do you know you have it?

your period is when blood comes out of your private and this can last up to 2-8 days and then it stops and come back 28 days from the day you had it . hope this helped if you have any more questions just click on my name and comment me l will be glad to help =)

Why is prevention better than cure?

its not because if prevented it possibly could come back cure stops it from coming back

Does your period make you lose or gain weight?

gain. it's water weight. if you are careful and you don't give in to those crazy cravings, the weight will come off a few days after your period ends.

Is it normal for an 11 year old to start her period and it stops?

yes, i got mine when i was 13 for one day and it was really light. then it didn't come back for another 4 months. how long has it been? how light was it? this all depends, it might not have been your period at all

What weight do you have to be before your period?

There is no specific weight. Your period just comes when it's ready to come. That wasn't the answer I was looking for. Sorry. But I weigh about 120 lbs and I still didn't get my period. Is there something wrong with me????

Should you period come 28 days after the bleeding begins or after it stops?

In the normal menstrual cycle the period starts 28 days after the period (bleeding) stops. In other words everything repeats itself every 28 days. There can however be some variation in this depending on the individual and the health or stress on the individual.

If you have your period at the beach should you go in the water?

You dont have to go in the water but eventually your period will stop once your in water because when you take a shower your period stops until you get out and ive experienced to get in the water in the beach your period will stop until you leave the water then it would come back hope this helped dont be scared go ahead and enjoy your swim at the beach! :)

What do you mean by time period of pendulum?

You know how when you pull a pendulum to the side and let it go, and then it swings away from you to the other side, but then it stops and turns around and swings back to you ? The period of the pendulum is the length of time it takes, after you let it go, to go away from you and then come back to your hand.

Can you make a women have a period?

Supposedly green tea can make your period come but I am not sure. I will try it and get back to you.

12 year old lost a lot of weight no period for 4 months now. why?

That's what happens when there are big changes for the body. If you eat normal and everything you need it will come back.

Why does your period come when its supposed to but appears very dark in color and stops after less than 2 hours?

go to the

What happens if you one day late then you come on your period and on the second day you have sex and then it stops completely and two days later you bleed alittle then it stops again completely.?

you mite b wit child

Will your period come back on if you don't put your nuva ring in?

yes it will.

How long after lupron does your period come back?

About 4 to 6 weeks.

How do you know if south beach diet phase 1 has been successful?

If you start losing weight and not seeing the weight immediately come back on, then you have good reason to believe that the first phase was successful. With most diets, you will lose water weight at first, but this can often come back, so if your weight fluctuates you haven't lost real weight yet.

What is the period of a pendulum that takes 3 seconds to move forward and another 3 seconds to come back'?

The period is the time for a full cycle, i.e., back and forth.

What would cause your period to come back after being gone for several years you are 50 years old?

it can't come back once it's gone

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