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hey that's what mine are doing right now..... so must be :)

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Q: If you have shingles is pus normal to have on the rash when it is trying to heal after the scab falls off?
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Is it normal to get a pimple like bump under your tongue after getting it pierced?

yeah i did its just the tongue trying to heal but the bar is stopping it trying heal over

How long does shingles in the mouth last?

Shingles in the mouth can last up to one month. However, if they are treated and you receive antibiotics for the shingles, they were heal at a much faster rate than if you allow them to heal naturally.

Will exposing shingles to the sun help heal the blisters?

YEs certainly

Can the juice of a leek plant help to healThe shingles?

The juice of a leek plant mixed with honey and the gel from an aloe vera plant can help with the pain of shingles. There is no evidence that the juice of a leek can help heal the shingles.

Does it take longer for shingles in the mouth to heal?

it does but if you give head it will heal really quick so everyone who has this give head and you will be fine

Can apple cider vinegar help heal shingles rash?

Rubbing acid into open wounds is going to be painful. The rash will heal on its own. Keep it clean and dry.

If you break your tibia how long does it take to heal?

The normal tibia takes approximately nine months to heal.

What is shingles affiliation with fluid in your lungs?

Shingles can hit any part of your body. When shingles are in the lungs, the body rises to the defense by sending fluid, most notably mucus, just as it does when you've contracted a virus or a bacteria. It takes longer to heal and there is a period of dryness after the shingles leave, just as the process for a cold sore. It's the same thing, only on the inside.

Will your Pokemon heal when you get to your rival in LeafGreen?

No, it is considered a normal Pokemon battle. Does your poekmon heal every time you get to a trainer? no.

How long does it take to heal after a broken femur?

how long does it take to heal a broken femur? it has been a year and still not normal is this the norm?

Why would the tongue shed skin on the top when it is pierced?

because it is trying to heal itself. it knows it should not have a hold in it and the natural process is to try to heal

Can you heal a baby hamster when it falls on the ground from someones hand?

yes you can , drop it again so it dies

If you take up running after quitting smoking will your lungs return to normal faster?

your lungs will heal at their normal pace, most likely. But as you run, they will strengthen. So you will notice a vast improvement as they heal and grow stronger at the same time

How can you heal a baby hamsters arm?

You should take it to the vet instead of trying to do it at home.

Is heat or cold better for nerve damage?

Are you trying to heal or inflict nerve damage?

How long will your nose take to heal after silver nitrate cauterization?

It normally takes about 3-4 weeks for it to fully heal and turn back to normal color.

How long does it take to heal?

On average, about 4 or 5 weeks for a normal broken bone.

How do you heal my crusty ear lobe back to normal?

you cna try washing it every night and it will go back to normal after 2 weeks

Why does bruise turn black and blue?

Because that is the blood underneath your skin trying to heal where you bumped into

How recover password in quick heal in window xp?

dont know i m trying to find out

Can you get a tattoo if you have the shingles?

You should not get a tattoo when you are having any type of illness. Tattoos are wounds that require your immune system to heal, so if you are dealing with another illness your healing will be compromised. Also- shingles is a serious infection that you want to keep away from others who may not have gotten chicken pox and you should also not have anything done that breaks the skin allowing infection to spread while shingles is active.

I have a broken butterfly shaped bone in my lower back that is broken but will heal What can i do to help it heal?

you could do some light exercise like moving your legs gently and trying to stand up.

Will dog wounds heal back to normal?

Yes. If the dog leves the wound(s) alone

How long do hickeys need to heal?

The tissue will go back to normal in about 3-4 days.

Is it bad to cover shingles?

whileyour out in public because you dont want people staring or accidently touching it. but when you are at home then i would leave it uncovered that way it can air out to heal. At least thats what I did