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Check your policy. It probably has an exclusion for any damage caused by another vehicle owned or operated by anyone on the policy. Otherwise, everyone with a junker would be ramming into it with the good car.

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Q: If you have two vehicles insured by the same company and back into one of them will they pay for the damage to both vehicles?
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Do they take back lease cars in a bankruptcy?

An unexpired lease can be reaffirmed or the vehicle can be surrendered. The leasing company will take the car back if you are surrendering it. Keep it insured or you will have to pay for any damage sustained by the vehicle or caused by the vehicle until the leasing company actually takes possession of it.

If you back into something in your friends vehicle does your insurance policy pay the damage?

At least in the UK, and I belive in the states, it will depend on your insurance. Normally, if your insured to drive otehr vehicles on your policy, it will only pay to something you damage, not the vehoicle itself. Your best bet is to ring up the insureres and see.

When is auto deductible waived on a collision claim?

When you file a claim against your own company you must pay the deductible. Your company may pay you back the deductible only in cases where they go after someone else who was responsible for the damage and your company manages to collect for that damage. Some (not all) companies may also waive the deductible if the insured made no claim in the past 1 or 2 years, for example.

Who pay for bonding insurance?

The insured ** simply bill it back to the company that requires the bonding by including it in your pricing to them **

If a car is registered and insured in a new residence state can the car still be insured and registered in the old state just in case you move back?

not in any state or thru any insurance company I know of.

Can you take back a claim once you submitted it to the insurance company?

You can take back a claim for damage to your own property. You can't take back a claim where you are liable for damage to another party.

If a car is stolen but there is no damage do i have to take it back?

If you have not settled with the insurance company you will have to take it back. If the insurance has paid out it is their car.

Was Ella Fitzgerald voice insured?

no there was no such thing back then.

What if a car hits you from the back and causes you to hit another car?

The car that hit you first is responsible for the entire accident. Hopefully he will have enough coverage to pay for the damage to all the vehicles.

Why am I being held responsible for damage to someone elses property if it is being covered by their homeowners insurance?

When you damage someones property you are liable for the costs of that damage. If you fail to pay for the damage you caused and the homeowners insurance company pays the bill, Then you now owe the Insurance company what you failed to pay to the homeowner. Its no different from an Auto Insurance accident. If you were at fault or rather "Liable" for the accident and you fail to pay the bill. The other vehicles Insurance may fix their insureds car and send you the bill. Just because someone else has to pay for the damages you caused does not mean you don't still owe the money. They only paid because you failed to pay timely. Think about this for a minute What if you Robbed a Bank. Naturally the Bank is insured so they will get their money back right away. Does that mean the bank robber gets to keep the money he stole? Of course not. If and When the Bank robber is finally caught he will still owe back the money he stole. But since the bank has already been reimbursed by its Insurer you now owe that money to the Insurance company who covered the theft.

The liable driver was not insured how does the insured victim get money back?

Some insurance company policies cover being hit by an uninsured driver -check you policy. If not then you would have to sue the liable driver personally (only worth doing if you think he/she has any assets to cover the claim and the legal costs).

Can I cancel my policy and if yes will I get my premium back?

The foregoing answer applies to situations when the policy is first purchased. However, a policy can always be cancelled by the insured requesting cancellation or by failing to pay the next premium due. If cancellation is done by request of the insured, the policy language will dictate whether a pro-rata refund of premium (for the then-current coverage period) is available.

If you back into one of your other vehicles in your driveway does your collision or comprehensive covers the damage to the vehicle that was hit?

will not be comp (ever that i can imagine), these losses are covered under the collision coverage of your policy.

What does the orange triangle on the back of vehicles mean?

Slow moving vehicle. All vehicles that are not able to go proper speed are supposed to have the triangle on the back of the vehicle.

Did the earthquake damage hybrid car manufacturers?

The earthquake did a lot of damage to companies who produce in Japan, although according to the Hybridcars website, the damage did not inlcude the fatories, which produce the hybrid vehicels. I am sure that there will be a decrease in availability of these vehicles for a lengthy period of time, mainly due to getting the country back on its feet. Yet I am sure that operations will resume quickly.

What happens if uninsured driver hits a car in the back but no damage to the car but a person does goes to hospital?

In most states you would be held liable for a rear-end collision. Most states enact stiff penalties for non-insured drivers involved in an accident regardless of its severity. Injuries reported by the "victim" are on you if the victim cares to pursue it. His insurance company will most likely be in touch.

Hit from behind very slightly no damage to either car police was not called is there a claim?

Yes, you would be wise (and your policy contract requires) to report this to your company so they can investigate, and officially get from the other driver they are not injured and there is no damage. I have seen these types of claims many times come back and 'bite' hard. Two months down the line the insured gets an attorney rep letter, claiming both injury and damages. By that time much evidence can be lost. For your own protection report the claim.

How can you hurt your back without doing much damage?

if you hurt at the back without damage through the spinal cord failure

When did Henry Ford found Ford Motor Company?

In the year of 1903. Ford Motor Company was the first ever automotive company. If it wasn't for Henry Ford, we would not have an automotive industry. And I guess it just pays back because Ford has some of the best-selling vehicles in the world. ***This is not accurate.

If the deductible is more than the damage do you have to go through your insurance company if you have a minor accident?

Only if there were another vehicle involved. If for instance you back into a tree you wouldn't want to make a claim, unless the damage exceeded the deductible. Perhaps not even then.

If someone with auto insurance hits your car do you still need to report to your own auto insurance?

It really depends what state you live in. Although if you have full coverage on your vehicle you should report through your company and your company will go after the other insurance company to get their money back. If you have no collision coverage for your vehicle then you will need to file with the other insurance company and they will decide who was at fault for the accident, if their insured is at fault they will repair your vehicle

What is leave of absence?

When a employee has to leave for personal reasons and is not paid for the time gone but is insured that when they came back they would get there job back too.

Uninsured finance vehicle has been stolen Cancelled insurance because car was being repossessed by finance company?

You still have rights to recover the vehicle. The finance company may help you look for it if they're desperate enough to get it back. Even if your car was insured, you would legally have to payback the finance company for the car since you broke a binding finance contract.

Does auto insurance cover electrical problems?

auto insurance will not cover electrical problems, they cover for collsion and comprehensive coverage which is fire, theft, vandalism. I had an insured once who parked his vehicle in the garage and the car started on fire, the vehicle was brand new less then 100, not covered under auto insurance, recommended insured to bring back to dealership they will not honor claim, told insured to go with picket sign to dealership and contact company directly about his problem the Ford motor company not only gave him a new vehicle they upgraded it at no additonal fee. they didn t want anyone picketicy their dealership

Owners of large fleets of vehicles require their driver to?

back their vehicles into parking spaces to assist in ease of leaving the parking lot.

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