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Check the PCV valve. It is located in the passenger side valve cover near the rear.

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Q: If you hear a slight ticking sound from passenger side valve cover on a 1997 Dodge Ram 318 and the oil pressure is good are they known to have bad rocker arms?
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Is slight ticking idle normal for Honda civic?

That slight ticking sound is probably the injectors firing which is normal.

How do you know what the ticking noise is on passenger side of 94 Ford Crown Victoria in idle and disappears with slight acceleration?

have found that a ticking noise on the passenger side (under the dash) in the heater b5pdox (you can feel the vibration) on a 1997 town car is probably a vaccumn control switch.

1995 dodge ram has ticking noise what could it be?

If you hear it only at idle and sounds faint, it is your rocker shaft. They wear on the end and makes a slight ticking noise. Mine has done it for over 100k miles and no problems. I hope you have done reg maint and kept oil changed.

Ttr 125 has ticking noise at idle is this okay?

My 2006 TT-R has a slight ticking noise. BTW the bike is almost brand new, almost 10 hours on it.

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1998 Saturn SC2 and it's making a ticking sound when driving the ticking gets faster and louder the more I accelerate What could this be?

Get your oil changed! ASAP! Sounds like you may be getting low on oil; with a slight oil leak... and with a 98 Saturn, that wouldn't be surprising.

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Why does your 1996 Honda Passport engine tick?

It is more than likely the lifters. Lifters begin to loose some of their ability to hold oil pressure and you get a slight ticking sound, it usually is louder at start up. It is nothign to worry about. As long as you are not hearing a pinging or knocking....those are sounds you need to address quickly

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We have been told that we have a slight oil leak on our head gasket we are not convinced we did have a leaking rocker cover do you think it could be connected to that?

Yes, it could be. Regardless where the leak is, it should be repaired.

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