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The answer in a nutshell is... NO !! Knocking indicates excessive clearances between the rod bearing & crankshaft journals. These two areas will develope an out-of-round condition, wich MUST be machined back to acceptable tolerances. Any competant auto machine shop can perform this for you, & fit new bearings that will last a long time. Just putting new bearings will quite the engine for a short time, but will fail quickly, putting you right back in the same situation in short order! The time and money spent on just new bearings will have been wasted.

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Q: If you hear that the bottom end is knocking can you get away with just changing rod bearings?
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In a 2000 Pontiac grand am you have a knocking noise in the front end that goes away when you accelerate and break but it is there when coasting?

First, check the lug nuts. If that's not it, check the wheel bearings.

Why does a 350 Chevy small block make knocking sound?

It all depends on what KIND of knocking sound.Some people call it a knocking sound when the engine pings from pre-ignition. If that's what you have, check the knock sensor.A classic knocking sound is typically either worn bearings or piston slap.Piston slap is when there the skirt of the piston is a little small and it "pops" at the bottom of the stroke. Typically that sound goes away once the engine warms up. The small block 350 is notorious for a little piston slap and as long as it goes away once the engine is warmed up piston slap is considered to be in the nuisance category of engine sounds.If it's worn bearings you'll also see some kind of indication of low oil pressure. If THAT'S going on, the engine is "done". You can try a heavier weight oil but if it's knocking constantly that probably won't do much good.Thank You for that Answer about the Bearings and Crankshaft

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What if your 1993 Chevy LTZ will start but will move Theres a loud knocking sound coming from the engine What could this be also the knocking sound will happen when when letting off the accelerator?

Sorry bud but that means that you have what's called a " Rod knock", one or more of the main and or the rod bearings have gone away, need to break that engine down to fix it. jr

Knocking noise when cold but after it warms up it goes away on a 2001 blazer can it be the water pump because i some problem with that as well.?

It is possible that the bearings are going bad on the water pump but you are going to have to listen to where the noise is coming from, whether it is inside the engine ( rod knock or oil pressure issues ) or outside (pump bearings or pulley issues).I lean toward internal wear or damage to the engine since the noise goes away when it warms up which indicates that when good oil circulation is present the problem goes away, bad bearings in a water pump will always make noise until they are repaired.

What could be the reason for the valves knocking on the initial starting of a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder?

Hydraulic lifters will rattle a little when the engine first starts if the oil has leaked out. Typically that doesn't take too long to go away. Often the knocking noise when an engine first starts is because of worn rod bearings or "piston slap". If there is too much gap in the rod bearings you'll have some knocking when you first start that will last until oil has filled the oil lines. Piston slap takes a little longer to go away, and that's because it's a noise that's caused when the skirt of the piston pops from one Sid of the cylinder to the other. A worn piston will leave too much clearance at the bottom of the cylinder, allowing the piston to slap back and forth when it's running. As the engine warms, the piston expands and usually the noise either goes away or diminishes considerably. It's often a guessing game to figure out which part is worn and causing the problem.

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What is wrong with 2000 Camry which now has knocking at 86000 miles wo spark plugs it is free of knocking and has equil compression wo visual damage to pistons walls motor dot Camry at yahoo dot com?

A knocking engine can mean any of a number of things, main bearings, rod bearings, wrist pinsw or piston slap. If it's just piston slap, you probably have a lot of miles left in the engine. Anything else means trouble. Does it have an oil pressure switch or an oil pressure gauge? If you have a gauge watch the oil pressure. If it's up at an idle you probably have piston slap or wrist pins. If the oil pressure drops way down it's probably rods or mains. If the knocking goes away after a few seconds it's probably piston slap.

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What would cause a knocking when pulling away in a Toyota supra?

it could be the center support bearing in your driveshaft

I have a Knocking noise in my montero sport 2000 engine but goes away when hot?

Look into piston slap

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Replaced big end bearings car started but there is a knocking noise coming from top of engine no 4 cylinder with some revs disconnect HT lead the noise goes away what could be the problem?

detonation. run a higher octane fuel or retard the timing by twisting the distributer anti clockwise. Hope this helps

Do thrust bearings support the crankshaft?

In away they do, But the main reason for them is to stop the crank from moving foreward and backwards.

How can you tell when your wheel bearings need replacing?

You can tell when your wheel bearings need replacing is when they are making unusual noises. For example: squealing, groaning, chirping or cracking noises. If this happens, get it checked out right away.

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What would cause a knocking noise on a 1999 Saturn even when it is warm?

Knocking is caused by preignition, where the heat in the cylinder causes the gas to ignite before the spark plug does. Try using a higher octane/grade gas and see if the noise goes away.

When engine is cold you have a engine knock why?

When an engine is cold, the oil is thicker, and flows slower. When oil doesn't get to valvetrain components quickly, you'll hear knocking, also known as valvetrain clatter. As the engine warms up the knocking should go away.

You got your Chevy k1500 stuck in a really big mud hole and when you got it out you had water in your oil you took care of that right away but even since then its had a bad knocking you were thinking?

Sounds like the engine is damaged. If you ran the engine with water in the oil even briefly you did damage to the bearings and other rotating parts. Like they say, if you wana play, you're gonna pay.