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If you just changed the ignition switch in a 1994 Chevy S-10 and now you cannot move the gear shifter what is wrong?


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2015-07-15 19:53:19
2015-07-15 19:53:19

You undougetly did somethig wrong. Try adjusting the switch first.


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The pnp switch is short for Park/Neutral Switch. Its pretty much the middle man between the ignition switch and the starter. It only allows the current from the ignition switch to reach the starter if the vehicle is in park or neutral. Its usually connected to the shifter. Allow me to correct myself on the first answer. If the shifter is on the column it will be located in the column region. If shifters on the floor its under the vehicle and connected to the shifter.

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Make sure the shifter handle is fully engaged in park. On my '92 caravan, I have to push the shifter up and forward again after putting it in park, to make sure it's fully in park. My ignition switch won't turn off all the way or door locks work until I do that. Also, you might have a loose shifter mechanism...jiggle it while turning the ignition switch at the same time.

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You must replace the ignition switch if you cannot get the key out.

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Did you activate the anti-theft system when you changed the ignition switch? If it has been activated you will need to have it reprogrammed at the dealer. good luck!

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remove the plastic ring around the button you push on the shifter to switch gears, the car thinks it's still in drive and won't release the key. The ring removal will release it, but the actual fix involves replacing the whole shifter...

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