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If you just found out that you are pregnant can you cut grass on a riding lawn mower?


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2006-01-20 16:22:01
2006-01-20 16:22:01

Sure. In early pregnancy you can still do just about anything. Your doctor is the best person to ask, though. Yes you can pretty much resume normal activity as long as its not something that you could possibly hurt yourself or strain yourself. I think a riding lawn mower is much better than pushing one!


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yes u can, on a riding mower u should be able to unbolt the very front and very rear and it will gain a lot of speed but you wouldn't want to cut grass like that. good luck.Answeryes u can, on a riding mower u should be able to unbolt the very front and very rear and it will gain a lot of speed but you wouldn't want to cut grass like that. good luck.

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