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If you make a down payment in the middle of the month and want your payments near the end of each month do you have to make a payment that month?


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2015-07-15 19:39:16
2015-07-15 19:39:16

Talk to the lender to see if you can move your paments up to the end of the month. This would be undertandable enough for them, and they would probably go along with it. Make sure you get it in writing, though.


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400 down payments : 1200 = 1 down payment : 3 payments or 1/3 dp : 1 payment

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In California with $10,000 down payment and 2.9 APR. Payment is $272 Per month (Including Tax)

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That is debatable, but in the long run, you would probably be glad you made a bigger down payment, and have smaller monthly payments.

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It is better to finance an auto purchase with a high down-payment and a low monthly payment, because it is less likely for you to fall behind on your payments and acquire debt.

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I doubt it. You would be paying down your balance and shortening the actual lenght of time you are making payments. The second payment is probably being applied to your principal and this benefits you by paying down what you owe.

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