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Talk to the lender to see if you can move your paments up to the end of the month. This would be undertandable enough for them, and they would probably go along with it. Make sure you get it in writing, though.

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Q: If you make a down payment in the middle of the month and want your payments near the end of each month do you have to make a payment that month?
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What is the ratio of 400 down payment to the amount of 1200?

400 down payments : 1200 = 1 down payment : 3 payments or 1/3 dp : 1 payment

How much is the typical monthly maintenance payments for a Toyota Prius?

In California with $10,000 down payment and 2.9 APR. Payment is $272 Per month (Including Tax)

Is it better to put a large down payment on a house of pay more each month?

That is debatable, but in the long run, you would probably be glad you made a bigger down payment, and have smaller monthly payments.

Is it better to finance an auto purchase with a small down payment and high monthly payments or high down payment and small monthly payments?

It is better to finance an auto purchase with a high down-payment and a low monthly payment, because it is less likely for you to fall behind on your payments and acquire debt.

If you send two payments every month do you pay interest on both payments?

I doubt it. You would be paying down your balance and shortening the actual lenght of time you are making payments. The second payment is probably being applied to your principal and this benefits you by paying down what you owe.

Can you purchase auto insurance 1 month at a time?

You are going to have to put down a down payment and then you can finance the rest and pay in 9 or 10 monthly payments. It reall depends on the insurance company.

Is it normal for a finance company to turn down an immediate 2 month payment offer on a loan that is 5 payments behind on a 6 year old vehicle?

YES, it is.

How does the down payment affect a mortgage?

A down payment will reduce the principal borrowed which lowers your monthly payments. A large down payment may also help lower your interest rate and may help you avoid paying PMI. If, for example you were buying a $200,000, at 5% for 30 years, the payment would be $1073.64 per month. If you put 10% down, or $20,000, your monthly payment would be $966.28 and you would save about $20,000 in interest.

How much is a bugatti per month?

400,000 down payment 24,000 a month

How do you check the break down of your unemployment claim payments?

uneployment payment statics

How helpful is a mortgage calculator for estimating a down payment?

The calculator lets you plug in various down payment amonuts to see what your monthly payments will be. This will allow you to determine the proper amount for a down payment, and the peace of mind to know that you can afford the monthly payment.

How much is the average monthly mortgage payment in New York State?

Your monthly mortgage payment is affected by a couple factors, starting with your down payment. A greater down payment decreases the overall sum of the loan, therefore decreasing your monthly mortgage payments. The interest rate will also affect the total of the home loan and the amount you have to pay every month. If you have a high interest rate, then you will have to pay more on the total loan and every month.

What is a pick up payment in an auto loan and how is it applied?

A pick up payment is an irregular or deferred down payment. The down payment is the amount paid up front and reduces the amount financed. Some amounts may be deffered to future dates. The amounts and dates of these payments must be disclosed on your contract and are separate from your regular payments. If interest accrues off these payments depends on the state and dealer.

Are there websites that can calculate car loan payments?

There are websites that calculate your car loan payments. Most dealership websites have a payment calculater on there site that will allow you to enter your down payment amount and will calculate your payment after taking everything into play.

Where can I find a down payment calculator? offers a free and easily useable down payment calculator. Go to today to figure out how many down payments you are obliged to pay.

If a car insurance company told me my six month premium in 400 dollars how much do i have to pay a month?

While a 400 dollar payment breaks down to 66.67 dollars per month, the insurance will charge more. you will be paying them a fee for financing the insurance payments.

If you fail to complete the deposit for your down payment but are already financed and making car note payments can the car dealer repo your car for the remaining down payment?


How Much Down Payment Is Required In Equipment Leasing Agreement?

It depends if you are a start-up or not. In some instances a down payment can be a requirement for leasing equipment. Usually the minimum down payment would be equal to two monthly lease payments.

How do I calculate down payments with a mortgage calculator?

When you use a mortgage calculator to figure down payments, you can enter the percentage of a down payment that you would like to make. That will show as a dollar amount when the calculation is made.

What does the down payment on a used car pay for?

It is applied directly against the purchase price of the used car. The more you down payment, the less owed and the lower your monthly payments will be.

Can i refinance car loan with another down payment?

If you refinance a car another down payment is usually not required. I refinanced a car to lower to payments and it added another year to the payoff date of the car. I wasn't required to give a down payment.

Two Ways To Finance?

Vehicle financing can be done two ways. You can go to a buy here, pay here car dealership that will sometimes report to credit agencies. If you have good credit, you can finance a car at a larger dealership. Small buy here, pay here lots require a smaller down payment and the monthly payments are not as expensive. You have a choice of when you would like to make your payments during the month depending on how you get paid. Larger car dealers can offer specials to customers on down payments and monthly payments. They will definitely make a report to a credit agency, and the payment will be due at a certain point in the month.

The idea of making a small down payment for an item and making regular payments on it is called the?

Installment plan

In the State of Arizona can a dealership repo a car if you are current on your payments but they made mistakes and never got your down payment?

Need more info how did they make the mistakes and not get the down payment? Well, technically yes. If you signed a finance agreement that stated a down payment and you didn't give a down payment, you breached the agreement. Whether it be by their mistake or yours. Now, is it right? No.

If your insurance company pays for a hospital stay and you are left with a copay you can't afford what can you do?

contact their accounts receivable department and make plans for a payment plan. they will not go away if you ignore them and they will hound you relentlessly for their payment. start with small payments - $20 a month - try to get it paid down as quick as possible and don't miss any agreed on payments. medical will ruin your credit report if you let it get out of control.