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You'll probably have to leave the country for a few months then come back... unless you're from Mexico, in which case the government doesn't seem to care.

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Q: If you overstayed your F1 visa by two years how can you get your legal status back?
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If your boyfriend overstayed his visa by 4 months and is returning to his country will he be able to get a visa to come back to the US?

If you overstayed less than 6 month you will be banned to entering the US for 3 Years, and if you overstayed more than 6 Month you will be banned for 10 Years (AG)

If you overstayed your visa by 4 years then married a us citizen but left the country could you still get the green card abroad or would you be better of trying to get back into the us again and try f?

theres some law that after 97 if you overstayed by that long than your banned from returning for 10 years...not super technical but...

What happens if I've overstayed a visa?

If you've overstayed your Visa you will be deported back to your home country. If you resist deportation you could serve time in jail and pay heavy fines.

If an illegal immigrant overstayed his visa for 4 years and then married a US citizen can he apply for change of status without the risk of being deported?

Marrying a US citizen does not automatically make the other person a citizen. Spouses of US citizens can and do get deported everyday. Send him back home and apply for him while he is not in the U.S.

Do people want Mexicans to go back to Mexico?

Only those who do not have a legal status in the United States.

What is the legal age to bring back cigarettes from turkey?

the correct and legal age to bring back cigarettes from turkey is 18 years of age

You are an illegal french immigrant in US if you go back to France and try to get the visa to come back ligally will you be able to get it?

Overstayed and want to go back and come again. Its better to stay back and apply for PR status. It will be hard to give reason for overstaying even if it is for something genuine. One thing is sure if you go back you are not coming back ... take help of some lawyer or immigration consultancies and firms.. they will be able to guide you. It may be matter of 1-3 years. Remember, if there is a Problem, there is a solution. You just need to find it... You can contact

I overstayed my us visa for 2 years then i left to my country but my boyfriend who is us citizen petitioned for k1 visa i came back and we got married in 90 days am i getting green card?

The green card itself will be given to you if you stay married after two years.

When was Back to Back - Status Quo album - created?

Back to Back - Status Quo album - was created in 1983-11.

Can an illegal immigrant in the US become a Canadian resident and come back to the US?

Firstly, the person has to gain Canadian Immigration resident status, and their having been an illegal in the USA will NOT be in their favour. Secondly, the USA is under no obligation to allow entry to someone who was previously illegal in the USA, regardless of their Immigration status in Canada. Your legal or non-legal status in another country has no bearing on your immig. status in the US.

I am from Afghanistan and I am illegal in UK for more than 6 years what to do?

Get legal. depends haw is your asylum claim status if its passed tribunal with a refuse than go back to Afghanistan or consider another country for asylum

What rights do legal guardian have when a birth mother is trying to take back their child after four years?

Since you are the legal guardian she has to go to court to get them back. What happens there depends on the situation.

When will Nit Raipur get autonomous status?

I think this is an older question. Govt Engineering College got autonomous status years back in 90's. Now it has become NIT Raipur. I am not sure what is the meaning of autonomous status.

What is the legal age to ride on back of a motorcycle in AR?

Eight (8) years and above.

What is the legal age for a child to ride on the back of a motorcycle in Indiana?

The age is 15 years old!

If you live in Florida and you elope with your seventeen year old pregnant girlfriend to Georgia is the marriage legal when you come back to Florida?

If you return to Florida before she is 18, and she still has Florida residency status and not Georga residency, it is not legal.

My boyfriend is from dominica he has overstayed been here for 7 years do we need to go back to dominica and get married or can we married in England?

It depends on who has more family in which country. But it's up to you DOMINICA! is DE BEST! you'd be stupid to stay in england! but its ur choice!

You enter on c1d visa and overstay for 7 years if you go back will you be able to come back if your wife going back in your country with you?

It wont matter if your spouse came with you to reapply you back, theyll say no. Best thing to do is after 5 years of being out of the country, go to an American embassy and petition the government to let you back in. I know this because my husband overstayed his crewman visa for 5 years and now my husband is back in his country. By the year 2014, we will put in a petition. 5 years will pass by the time we apply. I do however visit my husband once a year. We also have a child, but due to the currency difference, also language, I stay in the U.S.. Wish you the best of luck.

Riding in back of truck legal in Illinois?

No. Riding in the back of a truck is NOT legal in Illinois.

How many years back does a background check go?

As far as the person requesting it desires. There is no legal limitation.

How can an alien get married to a US citizen and attain legal rights?

If the Alien is legal in the USA then they can legally and genuinely get married and file for AOS (Adjustment Of Status) so that the alien may become a permanent resident. However, if the alien is not legally in the USA, he/she must leave, go back to their country. The US citizen may then file for a K-1 (fiancee) visa for the alien. This usually takes a shorter period of time than the AOS. However make sure that there is no 3 or 10 year bar for the alien who may have overstayed his visa or violated the immigration regulations as this may jeopodaize the case and the process may take longer.

If I marry someone with a valid work permit what are the chances that he'll be sent back to his country?

Now, I may be incorrect, but I am fairly confident that if you marry someone who is not a legal citizen of the country, and YOU are a legal citizen of the country, then he will be issued a green card, which grants him permanent resident status.

Is it legal to ride in the back of a pickup in GA?

yes it is legal

Is there any legal requirement to pay back legal aid in nz?

There is a legal requirement to pay back legal aid in the country of New Zealand. When the person receiving the legal aid has lied about their financial situation, they are required to repay the legal aid provided.

If someone entered the US legally overstayed for eight years and married a US citizen how much would they have to pay in fines?

Nothing they need to file for another visa in their country to come back. The person would need to leave the US voluntarily or be deported. Even though the original entry was legal the person is now out of status and considered unlawfully present. A person who overstays a visa or is otherwise in the US unlawfully for 12 months or less is subject to deportation and barred from applying for reentry for 3 years. A person who overstays a visa or is otherwise in the US unlawfully for more than 12 months is subject to deportation and barred from applying for reentry for 10 years. The exception is of said person qualifies for asylee or refugee status. Foreign nationals legally married to US citizens are given the opportunity to plead a case for "hardship" if they have children and are gainfully employed.