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Technically, you would need to get title to it before you could sell it. If the bank will grant you "salvage" title, perhaps for a cut of the profits (or a dollar), you can fix it, sell it, and split the proceeds with the bank.

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Q: If you owe the bank money for a car that was totaled in 1997 the bank appears to have abandon it could you fix it and sell it?
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What happens to a title loan if the automobile is totaled in an accident?

you pay money

Can you rebuilt a totalled car?

You can, but totaled means "not worth repairing". You will spend more money repairing a totaled car than you would buying a new one.

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How might one dispose of a totaled car?

A vehicle that has been totaled can be sold for scrap and parts through junk yards or scrap metal yards. Also there are several businesses that will pay a small amount of money to take the scrap from a totaled car.

Can a totaled vehicle be insured again?

Once a car is totaled it is gone. Usually the insurance company takes the car for them to sell and get some extra money and if it is claimed as a totaled vehicle I would not recommend driving it on the street where you can hurt yourself or someone else.

Who get the money if the car is totaled and the car is on chapter13?

The insurance company will pay the finance company not you.

What happens if you Car title loan in default and car is totaled?

Typically you need a car with insurance to get a title loan. If your car is totaled, the loan company are entitled to that money since they hold the title for your car.

Can a minor buy a car from a private seller that has mechanicl problems get there money back after the car is totaled?

If you had not wrecked the car the answer would be yes. But you totaled the car so that makes it more complicated. If the mechanical problem caused the wreck you may have a case. If you are just trying to get your money back because you totaled the car then you have no morals and character. On the other hand if the mechanical problem caused the wreck then seek the advice of a lawyer.

Are you entitled to any money from a hit and run and your car was totaled for pain and suffering i have full coverage?


Can a 17 year old buy a car from a private seller that has mechnical problems get there money back after the car is totaled?


How much money do i get if your car is totaled?

There isn't a set rate on this. The insurance company will first examine to see if the accident in which your vehicle was totaled was done in a manner which voided your policy. Then, the analysis will be made based on the vehicle's value, and the extent of your policy.

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What happens after your car is totaled and you only have liability?

If a car is totaled in an accident and only liability insurance is present, there is a chance that the other party's insurance will pay for the vehicle if the accident was their fault. If a car is totaled, but no others were involved, then the responsibility falls on the registered owner. This will not release the registered owner from paying for the vehicle, either, if money is still owed on the car.

Does insurance help with buying a new vehicle if your car gets totaled?

Yes, they will help, but they won't buy you a new car. Once your car is deemed totaled, the insurance company will usually pay you the value of the car before the accident minus your deductible. You can either buy back the totaled car and repair it or use the money towards a new car.

If insurance declares a car totaled can you cancel the claim and keep the car?

You can accept the claim and then buy back the car. This way you get money for the claim and you get to keep your car. The price for the car will be way lower at the totaled price than what you will receive in the claim.

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My medicaid paid for wheelchair was totaled when a car hit me. They are sending me 23000 do i keep the cash?

Am I allowed to keep money from insurance company

If a car is totaled how is the cars value determined?

its valued by however much money you can make off the scrap parts that are still okay with the vehicle.

What happens if the car was totaled in an accident and money was still owed?

That's about it. The car is totaled. The money is still owed. If there was a loan, you'd better have insurance and if you are lucky, the insurance will cover MOST of what you still owe.AnswerYour insurance co. is obligated by law to satisfy any payment up to the policy's limits. If there are money owed after that, you can sue the other driver for the money owed or be sued, whatever applies.

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