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I believe it depends on the contract, whether verbally or written, at the time you made the payment. If there was preferrably a signed contract (since some state laws may not include a verbal contract as legit; even if they do, always get it in writing), then if any party breached any part of the agreement/contract, then the breacher is liable. There may also be certain aspects where a contract can be cancelled for good reason(s) within say 24 hrs to 72 hours or so, depending on the contract and your state contract or consumer laws. Some attorneys offer free consults, and you may be entitled to your money back and/or more if you are the victim. State laws may vary!

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Q: If you put up half the money of book value can a car dealer sell car to some other party?
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Who can you sell antique money to?

Any coin dealer. Look in your local directory and get several estimates of value.

What is the value of an 1878 Morgan that has no egale on the other face?

For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen. Take it to a coin dealer for a idea of value.

Where can one find the value for a 2003 Ford Mustang?

The value for a 2003 Ford Mustang can variable from place to place. Each dealer will be willing to pay more, or less money depending on the state of the vehicle. One should go to their local dealer for an accurate quote or go online to any car comparison site to few other appraisals.

When economists say that money is a store of value does it mean that money can be used to measure the value of other commodities?

Money has three functions, being a: 1) store of value; 2) unit of account; 3) medium of exchange. The first, a store of value, implies that money maintains and stores its value over time - unlike many other mediums of exchange, which can depreciate. Money is intended to be storeable, retrievable, and reuseable as a medium of exchange itself. Therefore, being a store of value does not mean that money can be used to measure the value of other commodities - that is its third function, medium of exchange.

What is the value of Roberto Walker Clemente Topps?

It depends on the condition and year. You should probably take it to a dealer or other expert to get an estimate of its value.

What is trade-in value?

Trade in value is normally somewhere around wholesale value. It is the value of what the car would bring at a wholesale auction. Of course this value can be more than wholesale if the car is in excellent condition, or the dealer offers more. You are almost always better off selling the car to a private party, and not trading it in. Dealers almost always put as little money in the car you are trading as possible. They must get the car ready for sale and know up front they will have to spend money on detailing and any repairs that are necessary, especially if they are going to sell the car with a warranty. You can sell the car to a private party "As Is" with no warranty. Just make sure to get it in writing.

How could one find the value of a Silver Certificate?

The best way to find out the value of a Silver Certificate is to take it to a professional. This would be either a dealer or appraiser that specializes in coins and money.

What is the meaning of anbuden in telugu?

offers (of money or other value)

If the cost to have your car repaired is more than the value of the car can you force the other party to have it repaired instead of giving you the book value of the car?

NO, You are only legally entitled to fair morket value for your loss. It would be unreasonable, unethical and unfair to expect the other party to pay more.

What is the best value for money notebook?

What is the best value for money? What is the best value for money?

Why does commodity money have value?

commodity money is a good that can be used as a medium of exchange or for some other purpose

What is almsgivng?

the giving of money, food, or other things of value needy

What happens if both the dealer and the player got the same value in blackjack?

It should be a tie or push, no money changes hands. If you are in a game where the dealer wins pushes or ties, don't play that game. It has very bad odds for the player.

Why are economic transactions easier with money than with barter?

With money as medium of exchange is easier than barter system. There are many reasons like barter system does not give the true value of a product and sometimes one party needs the other product but the other party does not require the other product. It creates misunderstanding and also a problem that how to evaluate the true value of the commodity. And also, money can be broken down into smaller parts like we purchase candies for like cents or pennies etc. Moreover, how can we barter for big things like house. It would be almost impossible to barter for the house with pair of glasses or pair of shoes or for a mobile phone. Barter system does not give the original value of the product or a commodity.

What does it mean by money loses value isn't money money?

Money can lose value by inflation or gain value through deflation.

Why does Fiat money differ from commodity money?

Fiat money differs from commodity money because it is a more convenient form of money. It is easier to carry around paper money that it is to carry around gold or silver or other commodities. Fiat money is a promise to pay in the future while commodity money derives its value from the commodity of which it is made. Fiat money has value because the government declares that it has value. Fiat money only has value as a medium of exchange.

What is the value of a Cary Grant stamp from 2002?

To a stamp dealer, 80% of face value. To most people, it's worth the value of the postage, i.e., what you paid for them. To a Movie or Cary Grant collector who knows nothing about stamps, you could probably double your money.

What is the value of a fuel oil dealer business?

per gallon method of valuing a motor fuel dealer

What is the difference between fiat money and token money?

Token money is a type of money whose intrinsic worth is less than its nominal value eg its value as money is less than its value as metal while fiat money is a type of money which intrinsic value is more than its nominal value.

What is the value of a Duke Snider baseball stamp?

To a stamp dealer, 80% of face value. To most people, it's worth the value of the postage, i.e., what you paid for them. To a Baseball collector or Duke Snider fan who knows nothing about stamps, you could probably double your money.

How do you add money to increase the amount of money in a money order?

You cannot. Money Orders are fixed value monetary instruments. You cannot increase the value of a money order. Once issued, its value does not change. If you wish to increase the value, you have to cancel the existing money order and request for a fresh money order with the new/increased value.

Is money a store of value?

No, because the value of money depreciates with inflation.

What is the duration of Value for Money?

The duration of Value for Money is 1.5 hours.

Are you entitled to depreciation on a repaired truck that was less than a year old at time of the accident?

I am thinking that you want the responsible party to compensate you for damages to your truck, even after it was fixed,, You can get compensated for the LOSS OF VALUE, A dealer ALWAYS reduces the value of A vehicle if it has been repainted or other repairs were made due to damage (only when they buy it, not when they sell it), You should get A lawyer as soon as possible.

What no mint mark pennies are worth money?

All pennies are worth money: $0.01. We don't normally answer questions about the value of collectible items here. If you have a coin you think is worth more than "normal", take it to a dealer for an appraisal. The value of any penny depends on its condition and rarity.