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If you quit a job where your wages are being garnished what will happen if you start working again?

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Tell the new employer that your wages are being garnished and the reason for the garnishment. If it is for child support, call child support services and give them the name and address of your new job so that garnishment continues. If you don't let them know, your employer will automatically fill out forms when you begin employment which will notify any government agency of your new employment situation and they will resume collections. It is best to make the call yourself to notify them of your new employment or to let them know that you are no longer employed.

2006-07-14 23:56:48
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Can your wages be garnished for a student loan when your wages are already being garnished?

this could happen, however, you are better off to hire a lawyer, or get legal aid.

Can your income tax check be garnished if your wages are already being garnished?

if my wages are being garnished can they still take my income tax check?

Can you be garnished if you are already being garnished?

can a bill collector check to see if I'm being garnished and if I am, can they garnish me to or do they have to wait until the first one is finished?

Can child support that is being paid to you be garnished?


When is it smart to file bankruptcy?

When you are beginning to feel overwhelmed with debt, you are being threatned with being garnished, or you are being garnished. You have judgments, you are up for repo, your house is in foreclosure, you will know when it's time.

Can Social Security benefits be garnished for a defaulted car loan?

bs i had student loans being garnished from my disabilty ss

Can your wages be garnished by a creditor if they are already being garnished for child support?

'In the state of IN you can have a child support and 1 garnishment at the same time'

Can your checking account be garnished without wages coming in?

if you account is being garnished you would have an order from the court in your area.. Unless it Federal

Can you still qualify for financial aide if wages are being garnished?


Can SSI be garnished for back child support in California?

SSI, being a form of public assistance, cannot be garnished for child support anywhere.

Can wages be garnished on a bill that is being paid monthly?

Yes it could

IF your checks are being garnished for school loans so will the IRS hold your taxes?

If it is from a government guranteed or insured loan, by the time your being garnished, the IRS has been notified and will take any refund and send it to who you owe.

What happens if the party you are garnishing is already being garnished by other creditors in Colorado?

You may have to try a lien. Only a certain percentage of pay can be garnished & they are probably at the max.

After being garnished for a student loan is there any financial help for someone wanting to go back to school?

If your old loan is paid in full, or no longer in default, you are once again eligible for financial aid.

What will happen if a runescape p2p misses a payment?

Then you will stop being a member, until you pay again.

Can your paycheck be garnished without you being notified first?

Yes, your paycheck can be garnished without being notified. I was devastated when I received my paycheck and behold I had been garnished. (garnishment May 2010) In the state of Georgia incur Deduction of 25% of my gross income. I had judicial lien from creditor (which I don't recall) since 2006. Also, shown on my credit report this account as being charged off in 2003. In result of being garnished, it has cause an tremendous economic burden and hardship on me. Best thing, I would suggest always check your credit report!

How do you know if your wages are going to be garnished?

You should in fact receive a letter from who the creditor is and if they are being garnished your employer should send you all the information that was sent to them in order for them to proceed with the garnishment.

If you live in Washington and you have 7 credit cards and approximately a 70000 total balance on all of them what are the chances of your wages being garnished if you do not pay?

One-hundred percent chance you will have your wages garnished.

Can a collection bureau garnish your wages if they are being garnished for child support in Idaho?

Collection bureaus can obtain court orders to garnish wages for debts unrelated to child support, even if those wages are also being garnished for child support.

Can you get an anticipation loan on my tax return if your wages are being garnished?

you can get on but they will take what is owed and send you the rest

Can a bill collector check to see if you are being garnished?

Yes, the information will be on the debtor's credit report.

My wages are currently being garnished for a debt that my 14 yr old son created. How do I get it to stop, I can not support my family with the money that is left each paycheck. I just had a bankruptcy discharge Jan 2005 so this is not a option. ?

You have several options. You should either have your son start working, take a second job, or extend your hours to work overtime. In a good economy, it would be a good idea to look for other jobs. I have never heard of wages being garnished for a son's debt, so finding different working conditions may be the best bet.

Can you get done for lying about working on a finance form?

i got a car on finance for my dad whilst on benefits and lied that i w as working . benefits have found out & im being invesigated, what will happen??

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Can your car be repossessed if your wages are already being garnished?

Yes, the two issues have nothing to do with each other.