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If it is not speced correct for it then, yes.

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Q: If you replaced a catalytic converter on a 1996 Nissan pickup with a smaller one would this cause the service engine light to come on?
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Where is the catalytic converter located on a 1992 Buick Century?

the catalytic converter is on the exhaust pipe before the muffler . looks like a smaller version of one.

Where are the O2 sensors on a 1996 Cadillac Sedan Deville smaller Northstar engine?

there is one before and one after the catalytic converter.

How much does it cost to replace catalytic converter on a subaru legacy?

I have a 2005 legacy and the dealer is charging $1296, while another smaller repair place is charging $950.

How do you find the catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter lives in the exhaust system of all cars. Its location is directly related to the year of the vehicle. The older the car, the farther away from the engine it is located. On a lot of new (2014) cars, it is inside the exhaust manifold. It "looks" like a muffler, only smaller. BUT, unlike a muffler, "Most" catalytic converters have information imprinted in the metal that they are made from. As an example, it might say, D-123-45 86006 09 12 The "D" # is an "EO#" issued by the state of California, the 86006 is the actual part # and the 09 12 is the date of manufacture. It could also say "OBD ll Compliant" It can say many things on the converter, and they all mean something, but you will not see any writings like this on a muffler. One word of caution. Doing ANYTHING to a catalytic converter that would affect its performance, is a direct violation of the federal clean air act. Each offence of that act is punishable by 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

Where is the number 1 oxygen sensor located on a 1996 ford aerostar?

they are located either in the exhaust manifold, or in the exhaust manifold pipe usuall somewhere between the manifold and the back end of the catalytic converter will resemble a spark plug except with a smaller wire comming from the end!

Where is the number one oxygen sensor located on a 1996 ford aerostar 4.0?

they are located either in the exhaust manifold, or in the exhaust manifold pipe usuall somewhere between the manifold and the back end of the catalytic converter will resemble a spark plug except with a smaller wire comming from the end!

Where is the warm up catalitic converter located on a 2002 Mazda 626?

Pre/ warm up catalytic converters are usually found attached right below the exhaust manifold and before the flex pipe. These converters are made of a ceramic substrate for greater heat protection, while still allowing decent emissions control while the catalytic converter is warming up to the required temperature to start reacting with the VOCs such as carbon monoxide. These warm up converters are generally smaller in size and located under the heat shield that is over top the exhaust manifold.

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Where are the catalytic converters on a 1998 grand marquis?

Between the "Y" or "H" pipe and the exhaust manifolds. One on each side of the engine with two converters in each pipe. If you crawl under the car, they should be on either side of the transmission. They will look like a smaller version of the muffler, but they will have heat shields welded around the actual converter.

Will a 350 torque converter fit a 400 turbo transmission?

If you're talking about a TH400 transmission, yes... the TH350 torque converter is one inch smaller in diameter than the TH400 torque converter (12" vs 13"), and you'll have to make sure the holes on the flexplate line up (or drill them for both patterns). You'll get a bit more stall out of the 350 converter. If you're talking about the 700R4, the answer is going to be no.... that uses a lockup converter, which will not interchange with the TH converter.

What can cause the check engine light to come on in a Acura RL i recently replaced the catalytic converter. light doest show up that time. but right after a week. check engine light came on?

I have a 2000 RL and the code P0420 came up for bad CAT efficiency. Replace the CAT with a NAPA aftermarket unit. Lasted about a year and same problem showed up. Have talked to many people and mechanics that are know Acura's. The aftermarket unit was smaller in size and doesn't have the flow characteristics of the original. Heard from others that they eventually replaced the CAT with a Acura factory CAT and have had no more problems. I know.... about $700 more.

What is the name of the coating that they put on the Cadillac converter?

The catalytic converter has significantly reduced pollution from vehicles since it was introduced more than thirty years ago, but what is really impressive is that it costs nothing to run and does not wear out. Engine exhaust gases are converted into less harmful gases inside the converter as they pass over a honeycomb coated with precious metals. The two main types of catalytic converter are the three-way and the two-way. The three-way converter is mostly used with gasoline engines, while diesel engines use the simpler two-way converter. Both types normally last for the lifetime of the vehicle, but they can be ruined by using leaded fuel or fuel additives. Since they are very expensive to replace, this should be avoid as much as possible.Many countries now have environmental laws that require the use catalytic converters to reduce smog and other forms of vehicular pollution. They are found on most new vehicles that use unleaded or diesel fuel but not on older vehicles that need leaded fuel. There have even been calls for catalytic converters to be installed on lawnmowers because they produce a significant amount of pollution. Converters can change almost all the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons present in the exhaust gases into less harmful carbon dioxide and water, and the three-way converters can even convert nitrogen oxides into other harmless gases.Catalytic converters are located on the exhaust pipe underneath the car, between the engine and the muffler. They either resemble a smaller muffler or an expanded section of pipe, and their case is usually made of stainless steel.Exhaust gases from the engine enter at one end and pass straight through the honeycomb structure before exiting from the other end. Installing a new converter is a simple task that takes about the same time and effort to change a muffler. The old converter can even be sold to scrap metal dealers who pay good money for them, because they contain precious metals.Catalysts are substances that start a chemical reaction or make one go faster. They are not consumed in the reaction because they are used and replaced at the same rate, a process called the catalytic cycle. The precious metals used for the oxidation reaction are platinum and palladium, while platinum and rhodium are also used in three-way converters for the reduction reaction. These very rare metals are the main reason that converters are so expensive. Other cheaper metals can be used but they don't work as well, and it is illegal in some countries to use nickel and copper.The two-way catalytic converter used with diesel engines performs two oxidation reactions. Carbon monoxide is oxidized into carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons from unburnt fuel are oxidized into carbon dioxide and water. The converter cannot remove the large amount of carbon soot in diesel exhaust so a filter is installed before it. The filter automatically removes the soot by burning it off with a small amount of diesel fuel at regular intervals.The three-way catalytic converter used with gasoline engines performs the same two oxidation reactions but also performs a reduction reaction. It has a second stage coated with different metals that convert nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and oxygen. While the efficiency of this reaction is slightly less than that for the oxidation reactions, almost all of the nitrogen oxides are removed from the exhaust.Catalytic poisoning refers to the coating of the precious metals inside the converter with contaminates. This reduces the conversion efficiency because there is less contact area between the metals and the exhaust gases. The lead content in leaded petrol can quickly ruin a converter so it is important to always use unleaded fuel. Before adding fuel additives to the tank, check the label to make sure they are safe for use with catalytic converters

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The transmission with the stock passegger car pan takes 6 quarts. If you are using a factory steel pan add 2 more for a total of 8. The torque converter will take 5 for a stock 13 incch converter. Be sure to put a quart in the converter before installion. Typical performance converters will, because they are smaller, take less. A 10 or 11 inch converter will take approx. 3 qts.

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