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There is no effect on pregnancy. A study done in Jamaica of pregnant women showed no significant effects on the babies. It should be noted that the average use in Jamaica has been estimated as 28 times the average use in the US.

Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica:

An Ethnographic Study The largest study of the health effects of marijuana to date was done by Kaiser Permanente. They studied the health records of 65,000 patients over a number of years. They found no significant differences between the health histories of those who smoked pot versus those who did not smoke marijuana.

Marijuana and Mortality This is consistent with the results of every major government commission report on marijuana in the last 100 years. They all concluded that marijuana is not a significant threat to health in any respect. Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy -

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Q: If you smoked weed and did not know you were two months pregnant could it hurt the baby?
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I am pregnant and my baby is due in three months and i smoked weed will she come out clean?

They are not going to drug test your child. Depending on how much weed you smoked, will determine if anything will be wrong with your child. If you only smoked a bowl or two then your child should be fine. Now, if you constantly smoked weed while you were pregnant then you may have some issues.

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How dangerous is marijuana to babies?

Clarification needed: do you mean the baby is ingesting it, the baby is in the room where it is being smoked, a pregnant woman is smoking it, or a pregnant woman is exposed to the smoke? It is dangerous enough that if it is an unborn baby it could very possibly be taken from you.

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What damage might be caused if drank and smoked and now 3 weeks pregnant?

Rest easy, it is unlikely that there would be any damage to the fetus if you drank alcohol or smoked before you found out that you were pregnant. Now is the time to stop, continuing to drink alcohol and smoke could affect the baby.

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It could cause fetal alcohol syndrome.

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If you smoked weed the day before you got pregnant will it harm the baby?

probably since it still in your system

You are 35 weeks pregnant an you smoked marijuana up until you were 27 week is you and your baby clean?


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