If you stripped your hair and bleached it twice and now it is orange and yellow how do you take that away?

Okay, Now I wanted to put my answer on top because i know what everyone else said below is not what you want to hear. and isn't what i wanted to hear when I was looking for help.

I went from Black to plat blonde. and I will tell you how to do it yourself, Without going to a salon.

Going to a Salon is the "best" thing to do if you've bleached, or dyed your hair by yourself before. But If you have a fear of hair salons/dressers Then I will tell you what I have learned from BLACK TO BLONDE! YAY

This is from the very start, Because many other people are going to read this.. and might have lots of questions.

To get a almost white blonde you need to prepare your hair! don't rush! be calm, relaxed and it will be okay!

Week ONE/TWO (depends on how long you want to take!):

No dye! This is the time where you prepare your hair for Damage! If you have very healthy hair, well taken care of, little damage, you'll want to keep it that way! follow these steps carefully and look for more advice like this!

This is the week(s) you want to condition, strengthen, and prepare for the possibility of destruction!

Use any of the following: deep conditioner, Cocoa/Shea butter, Cholesterol(needed and is VERY good!) Hot oil treatments, Hair treatments, Protein for hair. The less you use shampoo the better. Condition Condition Condition!

After the week one or two: (no washing hair this day!)

You "can" use a box brand bleach.. not the best-it would be much better if you go to a Sally Beauty supply(they have them almost everywhere) or order online! If you use a box bleach follow instructions. If you go to Sally get the following: "30 volume Developer", "Lightening Powder", and a "Toner" (for whatever blonde you wish-Toners take the yellow, brass, orange out!)

Use the 30 Volume Developer and the Whitening powder, Mix until cream (half and half, depending on the instructions) apply to length/tips, wait 20-30 minutes. apply to roots. wait 20-30 minutes (MAX TIME IS 60 MINUTES)

Rinse out with NO SHAMPOO. Then Condition with a very deep conditioner (cholesterol works great too!)

Your hair may be brown/orange (if your hair is a light yellow, there is no need to bleach anymore follow the toner advice below a few paragraphs)

Do not shampoo hair until at least 24 hours. and condition after shampoo.

Wait at least 3 days! up to one week. The longer you wait the better.

3-7 days layer: (NO WASHING HAIR TODAY!)

30 Volume Developer & Lightening Powder (equal parts) Mix like above.. apply to hair.

This time you may or may not need to apply to roots. if your roots are a light yellow. do not apply to roots. stay away from skin. Max time is 60 minutes.

If your hair is now a light yellow skip next step until the toner Paragraph. If your hair is now Orange Continue following:

Do not use Shampoo! just conditioner!

3-7 days later. (unconditioned/washed hair)

Follow same steps above.

Condition Condition Condition!!

24 hours-7 days later:

Toner-Mix with the 30 Volume Developer (Follow steps on package)

Rinse out and apply conditioner..

-TONER ONLY works on light blonde hair if you are going white/plat blonde.

Your hair should now be the color you want! It may have taken one, two or even three bleachings! I've heard four before. but that's insane! if you have to do four go to a salon! seriously!

For the first week do not use shampoo. Conditioner only. after that use shampoo every other shower. until the third week when its okay to shampoo again.

Now to care for it you need:

Once a week: Purple/Blue Shampoo and Conditioner

Once a week: Constructing Product (Bed Head Dumb blonde is great)

Once/Twice a week: Cholesterol or Hair Protein (not always needed but highly recommended!)

Get a good shampoo/Conditioner for every day use, for dyed/damaged hair.

If you do a good enough job you will have hair like mine without any damage!

ONLY use a box brand for the first bleaching-the other steps, box brands aren't strong enough and will do worse damage!!

Good luck going blonde and I hope my advice helps!


You'll have to either dye it a much darker color or shave your head.


The above poster is correct, but I would suggest that you see a hairstylist to change the color of your hair. You've damaged your hair. By dying it back to a dark shade you could burn your hair. If you are trying to change from dark to blond, or, want blond streaks it's best to let a pro do it because the products that the public can buy just aren't the same quality as those in a hair salon.


i would of said dark hair going to blonde wouldn't of burned your hair it might be possible but id say don't strip or bleach it to much it will cause hair loss and I'm sure you wouldn't want that take from the singers /band VVeronica's they had black hair (like me) and one of them went Blonde they didn't wreck there hair so I'd say to get your hair back to a different colour of your choice you can dye it but not to much