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yes It depends on the value of the car that you are trading in, if the car that you are trading in has more value than the car you will be traded for then the dealer or private party may give you some cash to make the deal even.

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Q: If you trade your car in on a new or used vehicle can you get some of the cash given back to you?
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the back or the bottom

What is difference between cash discount and trade discount?

cash discount enable the buyer to pay promptly while trade discoint is a discount given to the buyer so that he can buy more goods

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What is the effect on cash flow on increased trade receivables?

It has reverse effect on that and it will decrease your cash flow.

What is the accounting treatment for a refund to customer?

Is it right that I debit the refund to [Sales returns] and credit it to [Cash at bank]? But the answer given by my teacher is that the refund is debited to [Trade receivables] and credited to [Cash at bank].

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When your auto is declared a total loss do you get the tax and license you paid back as well as the actual cash value of the vehicle?

Not likely, no

If your vehicle is stolen and the insurance company pays you off then the vehicle is recovered do you have to pay the money back?

You either have to return the money or not keep the vehicle. You don't get the benefit of both the value of the car in cash and the actual car.

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There are many places on the web where one can trade mobile phones for cash. One looking to trade mobile phones for cash can do so at popular on the web sources such as the Amazon trade-in store and Gazelle.

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quantity discount and trade discount are the same thing. it is used when the dealer wants to sell in bulk. while cash discount is given when he wants prompt payment.

Can you get cash off your gift cards?

yes you can trade them for cash or sell it on e bay for cash.

What is the journal entry for trading a vehicle for another vehicle?

Debit new assetdebit loss (if any)debit accumulated depreciationCredit cash / bankcredit profit (if any)credit old car trade-in

Is there a website that gives used vehicle prices?

There are many websites where you can trade your old car for a new one such as trade-in-value, junk car 4 cash, new cars and kbb. There many websites to trade in old vehicle for new ones just make sure that you check more than one site and Be careful on the people you are handing you money to.

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Where can you trade coins to cash?


Can you trade station cash in Free Realms?

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Where can someone get cash for their used car?

You can sell your used automobile to a dealer, as a trade in for another vehicle or an auto graveyard that will use it for parts. To get the highest price for your used vehicle you should check Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds to see what it is stilling for.

By having no trade -in what is that worth when buying a used Vehicle?

ain't worth anything other than you mite be able to talk dealer down on price if payin cash.

Which business credit card offers cash back?

There are many different credit cards that offer cash back. Some of the credit cards that offer cash back are Simply Cash from American Express and Ink Cash from Chase.

What about cash back incentives?

Personally- I think cash incentives are just a way to get you into the showroom. If I am looking for a particular vehicle, I want the bottom line price- no playing games with the figures, it's a waste of their time and mine.

If you trade in your DS to game-stop and they give you money is it cash or credit?