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If you want to get rid of your car for a cheaper one but owe too much what options other than repo do you have?


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2015-07-15 19:37:30
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SELL the car for all you can get and beg,borrow,steal the difference so you can pay off the loan. THAT will keep the repo off your CR. Good Luck


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Pay your payments on time or get a cheaper car

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As much as the company performing the repo charges.

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There are a number of things that you can do to stop a car repo oversees. One of the best options is to ensure that you pay up the entire car loan and any other relevant charges.

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REPURCHASE RATE IS ALSO KNOWN AS REPO RATE Whenever the banks have any shortage of funds they can borrow it from RBI. Repo rate is the rate at which our banks borrow rupees from RBI. A reduction in the repo rate will help banks to get money at a cheaper rate. When the repo rate increases borrowing from RBI becomes more expensive.

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Repo rate is the rate at which rbi lends money or other securities to other banks.

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