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Yes - a miscarriage is very possible under these circumstances.

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Q: If you were taking birth control and drinking and smoking while pregnant could that cause a miscarriage?
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What are miscariges?

A miscarriage is when the Baby dies inside the Pregnant womans womb. Thyere are a few reasons to how this can happen. Smoking and drinking alcohol is one of them

Can smoking cause a miscarriage?

yes you can back in February i had a miscarriage and the doctor told me it could of been the smoking i had no idea i was pregnant i had found out to late

Is smoking weed bad for you if your one month pregnant?

It can cause harm to the fetus. I had a miscarriage from smoking.

What does it mean when you dream that you had a miscarriage when you're pregnant?

don't worry it's just a dream you and your baby will be fineAnother answer:Every pregnant woman has the fear of miscarriage in the back of her mind. Your subconscious is expressing that fear through dreams. You can utilize that warning as encouragement to get prenatal checkups, take your prenatal vitamins, eat right, and avoid every risk factor such as smoking and drinking.If a pregnant woman did take unnecessary risks such as smoking or drinking alcohol while pregnant, her subconscious might very well alert her to the danger through dreams of miscarriage.

Can smoking less than 7 cigarettes a day cause a miscarriage?

Smoking period can cause a miscarriage. All of the toxins in the cigarettes are terrible on a fetus. Quitting smoking is a very hard thing to do, but if you 're pregnant, do it for your baby.

Im trying to get pregnant can you drinking and smoking harm the chances of you getting pregnant?

ive been tring to get pregnant an my spouse believes me drinking occasionally an smoking ciggrattes is the reason i wont get pregnant but i been pregnant 3 times an misscarriage one time

Could smoking and drinking while pregnant harm you?

yes. this can seriously damage you and ur baby

Why should pregnant mother avoid drinking alcohol and smoking?

Because you will have small or IUGR babies.

Can smoking and drinking affect your pregnancy as early as two weeks?

Your baby develops the fastest during the first trimester - especially the first few weeks. Smoking and drinking during the first few weeks of pregnancy can effect the baby. Smoking while pregnant increases the mother's risk of having a miscarriage. It also decreases the mother's folic acid which increases the risk for neural tube defects. Smoking during pregnancy can lead to a baby that is small for his gestational age. Drinking during pregnancy is also linked to an increase risk of having a miscarriage. Additionally, alcohol is associated with fetal alcohol syndrome and the baby could suffer possible fetal abnormalities. It's safest for the mother and her baby if the mother develops a healthy lifestyle before she becomes pregnant. If you are already pregnant, take the necessary steps to improve your health as soon as possible so your baby doesn't suffer any consequences.

Can you have a miscarriage if you smoke the weed seeds?

No. Although it's not a good idea really to be smoking anything when you're pregnant, it would not cause a miscarriage. Why anyone would want to smoke the seeds though is beyond me?

What is harmful while pregnant?

Smoking and drinking are both harmful while you are pregnant. These activities can compromise your baby's development and may lead to defects.

The dangers of smoking and drinking whlist pregnant?

It can hurt the development of the baby. Babies to smoking moms are often smaller at birth and develop slower than babies from non-smoking moms.

How usual is it to have a miscarriage within the first trimester of pregnancy?

Most statistics say that up until 12 weeks pregnant, the chances of a miscarriage are up to 20%, or higher with people who have had past miscarriages, or are at a high risk for miscarriages. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, or using recreational drugs can also increase your chances of having a miscarriage. After 12 weeks though, the chances of having a miscarriage drop to less than 5% if the doctor has seen a healthy heartbeat.

What are some dangers to pregnant teenagers?

Smoking, 2nd Hand Smoke and Drinking are a major problem to Teenagers who are pregnant as they still want to live their life!

What cancer causes do you have control over vs those you do not?

There are some causes of cancer that you have no control over, such as genetics. There are causes which you can control such as smoking, drinking, and diet.

You are 3 months pregnant but only just found out up until this date you have been drinking and smoking have you seriously harmed the baby?

You may have harmed it a little bit, but if you stop now and get prenatal care then you might be ok. Howeve, it is easier for you to have a miscarriage under these circumstances.

Can smoking marijuana cause a miscarriage?


Can smoking tobacco cause miscarriage?

yes it can.

Is smoking or drinking worse?


Which is badder drinking or smoking?


What activities should be avoided while pregnant?

drinking and smoking and doin anything that you may end up falling

Does smoking weed not make you get pregnant?

Weed has never been used as a birth control.

Does smoking marijuana lower pregnancy for girls?

No, but if you are already pregnant it could definitely have some negative side effects on the baby - possibly even resulting in a miscarriage.

What causes body deformation?

Sometimes deformation can be cause by the mother drinking, smoking or falling on their stomach when the mother is still pregnant.

Is drinking bad when smoking at the same time?

No it is not but drinking and smoking is very bad for your health anyway