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Absolutely. Birth Control formulations vary in strength of both estrogen and progestin and in types of progestin. Changes to either of these components can cause different side effects than you may have experienced before. There isn't one answer - it depends on what you were on before and what you are taking now. You might consider talking to your pharmacist about what you were on and what you changed to. Let him/her know the side effects you are experiencing or concerns you may have.


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No, steroids will not effect how birth control work.

ALL drugs have an effect on birth control pill?

can a total body cleanse effect your birth control?

Zyrtec has no effect on your birth control because it i snot an antibiotic.

You can switch forms of birth control to what is most comfortable for you. If you would like to switch birth control consult your physician so that she/he can choose a birth control pill that is right for you.

There is no birth control with such an effect.

You can switch birth control pills at any time in your cycle as long as you take an active pill on the assigned days.

Hi, This is a bit of a grey area as birth control can effect women in many different ways. There has been a few cases on breasts feeling swollen or tenderness when on birth control.

Although you will have immediate protection if you start the new birth control pill on time, it may take a month or two for your body to fully be adjusted to the new birth control.

If you're giving birth while on birth control, it's probably time to switch pills.

It effect various hormones in different ways. The majority of hormones it decreases.

Answer Tylenol and other pain relievers do not effect birth control. Antibiotics is what will decrease the effectiveness of birth control.

Drinking Slim Fast does not affect birth control. There are no food restrictions when on birth control.

It is known to reduce the effect of birth control pills

Eating does not effect your birth control.

No, weed won't effect your birth control at all, but if you take antibiotic (amoxillan) then be very worried!

There are no medical risks from switching birth control, as long as the new option is a reasonable choice for you. If you switch birth control and start the new one on time, there is no increased risk due to the switch; you have the same protection as if you had been on the new one all the time.

No, benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, Valium) should have no direct effect or indirect anti-hormonal effect on pregnancy or birth-control.

I Talked to my pharmisist about it. He said their is no ingredients that would effect birth control.

I don't see why not... It won't change the effect of the birth control...

No it is not bad to switch birth control pills. Sometimes a woman needs a different mix of hormones because pf spotting or breakthrough bleeding after 3 months,or you may have to switch brands due to your insurance company's coverage on birth control. Changing brands does not change the effectiveness, although it may change side effects for a few women. During this time of severe shortages of some birth control pills, many women are having to change to a slightly different pill. While this is frustrating and inconvenient, luckily it does not increase the risk of pregnancy.

The birth control pill has no effect on HPV but you should speak to your Doctor about this.

Yes it may. I have recently read that obesity can affect the effectiveness of birth control.

If you start the birth control pill on schedule, no later than the day on which you would have started the next cycle of the birth control patch, you are protected during the switch. If you were late in starting the pill, you may not have protection until you've taken the pill correctly for seven days.

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